Book Name: Spaceplanes: From Airport to Spaceport
Category: Aerospace Engineering
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Spaceplanes: From Airport to Spaceport 

Spaceplanes: From Airport to Spaceport pdf

Book Description:

Someday, there may be plane-like vehicles that take off from a runway and fly high above Earth, bringing people to work in space, to stay at a space hotel, to visit a moonbase, or to board another ship for a journey to a neighboring planet in the Solar System. Well, that time is coming, and it’s coming sooner than you might think!Several private companies are already taking reservations for passenger flights into suborbital space. There are companies drawing up plans for hotels in space, and governments are drawing up plans for moonbases and eventual trips to Mars.

Although the fares for the soon-to-be-available suborbital “joy” rides are still rather steep, prices are coming down, and competition is growing fiercer. Matthew Bentley will guide you through the almost bewildering array of different kinds of spaceplanes being developed and show you what the new “spacelines” have in store for us. Bentley firmly believes that spaceplanes will be more cost-effective in the long run than traditional launch vehicles. He also thinks that the development of spaceplanes will lead to a new, grander era of space exploration that has never been thought of before.

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages i-xviii
Rocketplanes at the Airport….Pages 1-21
Why Spaceplanes?….Pages 23-37
Rocket Science: Wings Added….Pages 39-50
Missiles and Modules….Pages 51-67
Crawling into Suborbit: The Baby Spaceplane….Pages 69-81
Going Ballistic….Pages 83-91
Piggyback to Orbit….Pages 93-103
Advanced Propulsion….Pages 105-123
Single Stage to Orbit: The Advanced Spaceplane….Pages 125-147
Destination Moon: The Lunar Spaceplane….Pages 149-171
Strategies for Success….Pages 173-182
Spaceplanes at the Spaceport….Pages 183-195
Back Matter….Pages 197-238

Spaceplanes: From Airport to Spaceport PDF Free Download

Author(s): Matthew A. Bentley (auth.)

Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, Year: 2009

ISBN: 978-0-387-76510-5


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