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Spacecraft Electromagnetic Compatibility Technologies

    Book Name: Spacecraft Electromagnetic Compatibility Technologies
    Category: Aerospace Engineering
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    Spacecraft Electromagnetic Compatibility Technologies 

    Spacecraft Electromagnetic Compatibility Technologies pdf free

    Book Description:

    This book explores key techniques and methods in electromagnetic compatibility management, analysis, design, improvement, and test verification for spacecraft. The first part introduces the general EMC technology of spacecraft, the electromagnetic interference control method, and the management of electromagnetic compatibility. The second part discusses the EMC prediction analysis technique and its application in spacecraft, while the third part presents the EMC design of spacecraft modules and typical equipment. The final two parts address spacecraft magnetic design testing technologies and spacecraft testing technologies. The book also covers the program control test process, the special power control unit (PCU), electric propulsion, PIM testing, and multipaction testing for spacecraft, making it a valuable resource for researchers and engineers alike.


    Spacecraft Electromagnetic Compatibility Technologies PDF

    Author(s): Hua Zhang, Yuting Zhang, Chengbo Huang, Yanxing Yuan, Lili Cheng

    Series: Space Science and Technologies

    Publisher: Springer, Year: 2020

    ISBN: 9789811547812


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