Book Name: Solenoid by Mircea Cartarescu
Author: Mircea Cărtărescu
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Language: English
Format: PDF
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Solenoid by Mircea Cartarescu 

Solenoid by Mircea Cartarescu free pdf book

Book Description

A highly acclaimed masterwork of fiction from Cărtărescu, author of Blinding: an existence (and eventually a cosmos) created by forking paths.

Based on Cărtărescu’s role as a high school teacher, Solenoid begins with the mundane details of a diarist’s life. It quickly spirals into a philosophical account of life, history, philosophy, and mathematics. One character asks another: when you rush into the burning building, will you save the newborn or the artwork? The novel’s explorations of other universes, dimensions, and timelines bring together the natural world and the world of art.

The novel is grounded in the reality of late 1970s/early 1980s Communist Romania, including long lines for groceries, the absurdities of the education system, and the misery of family life. The text has scenes in a sanatorium for people with tuberculosis, a meeting with an anti-death protest group, a group of people who study dreams, and a long look at the tiny world of dust mites living on a microscope slide.

Combining fiction with autobiography and history—the scientists Nicolae Tesla and George Boole, for example, appear alongside the Voynich manuscript—Solenoid ruminates on the exchanges possible between the alternate dimensions of life and art as various monstrous sizes erupt within the Communist present.

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