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This carefully edited book introduces the latest achievements of the scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of theory and practice of Smart Electromechanical Systems (SEMS). The book also focuses on methods of designing and modeling of SEMS based on the principles of adaptability, intelligence, biomorphism of parallel kinematics and parallelism in information processing and control computation.

The book chapters are dedicated to the following points of interest:

– methods of design of SEMS modules and intelligent robots based on them;

– synthesis of neural systems of automatic control over SEMS modules;

– mathematical and computer modeling of SEMS modules and Cyber Physical Systems based on them;

– vitality control and reliability analysis based on logic-and-probabilistic and logic-and-linguistic forecasting;

– methods of optimization of SEMS control systems based on mathematical programming methods in ordinal scale and generalized mathematical programming;

– information-measuring software of SEMS modules and CPS based on them.

This book is intended for students, scientists, and engineers specializing in SEMS and robotics and includes many scientific domains such as kinematics, dynamics, and control theory.

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages i-xi
Front Matter….Pages 1-1
Technical Systems Control: From Mechatronics to Cyber-Physical Systems….Pages 3-6
Smart Electromechanical Systems Modules….Pages 7-15
Smart Electromechanical Systems Architectures….Pages 17-23
Methods of Synthesis of Optimal Intelligent Control Systems SEMS….Pages 25-44
Logical Analysis of Data and Knowledge with Uncertainties in SEMS….Pages 45-59
Active Data in Digital Software Defined Systems Based on SEMS Structures….Pages 61-69
Front Matter….Pages 71-71
Automatic Control Systems of SEMS….Pages 73-79
Neuroprocessor Automatic Control System of the Module SEMS….Pages 81-91
Development of Algorithms and Software for Neurocomputer Systems of SEMS Automatic Control Modules….Pages 93-101
Intelligence System for Active Vibration Isolation and Pointing of Ultrahigh-Precision Large Space Structures in Real Time….Pages 103-115
Semi-automatic Mechatronic Drive Control System Using Bioelectric Potentials….Pages 117-125
Front Matter….Pages 127-127
The Direct Problem of Kinematics SM8 SEMS….Pages 129-142
The Inverse Problem of Kinematics SM8 SEMS….Pages 143-147
Mathematical Models of the Automatic Control Systems SEMS Modules….Pages 149-158
Definition of a Rigidity of a Hexapod….Pages 159-163
Computer Modeling ACS of SEMS Actuator of Space Radio Telescope Subdish….Pages 165-176
Features of Manipulator Dynamics Modeling into Account a Movable Platform….Pages 177-190
Front Matter….Pages 191-191
Control of Vitality and Reliability Analysis….Pages 193-204
System Failure Probability Modelling….Pages 205-215
Methods of Dealing with Jamming in Automatic Control Systems of the Modules SEMS….Pages 217-224
Front Matter….Pages 191-191
Expert System for Condition Estimation of a Faulty SEMS Module….Pages 225-232
Front Matter….Pages 233-233
SEMS-Use Platform with a Matrix Receiver for Obtaining the Radio Images of Astronomy….Pages 235-249
Analysis of Errors at Optic-Electronic Autocollimation Control System with Active Compensation….Pages 251-258
Optic-Electronic Autocollimation Sensor for Measuring Angular Shifts of the Radiotelescope Subdish….Pages 259-267
Electrooptic Converter for Measuring Linear Shifts of the Section Boards at the Main Dish of the Radiotelescope….Pages 269-277

Smart Electromechanical Systems

Author(s): Andrey E. Gorodetskiy (eds.)

Series: Studies in Systems, Decision and Control 49

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-27545-1,978-3-319-27547-5


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