Book Name: Simulating Spacecraft Systems
Category: Aerospace Engineering
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Simulating Spacecraft Systems PDF 

Simulating Spacecraft Systems pdf

Book Description:

For the first time, this book provides a consistent presence on the application of functional system simulation in spacecraft development, covering the entire process from spacecraft design to final verification. The book treats the diverse simulator types and their application in the subsequent steps of a spacecraft engineering process. Furthermore, it covers the topics of spacecraft equipment modeling for simulation, simulator numerics, software design, and software engineering technology. Up-to-date research topics in both simulation technology and applications are handled well.Instructive examples from professional simulator applications in the space industry and models from an advanced academic small satellite program treat the subject according to the latest state of research and technology. Extensive literature references round off the documentation.
The book is equally applicable to students and experts in many engineering disciplines in the industry. It is suitable for introduction and reference in modern simulation-based system engineering.

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages i-xvii
Front Matter….Pages 1-1
Complex Systems in Spaceflight….Pages 3-10
System Simulation in System Engineering….Pages 11-21
Simulation Tools for System Analysis and Verification….Pages 23-54
Testbench Components in Detail….Pages 55-77
Spacecraft Functionality to be Modeled….Pages 79-104
Front Matter….Pages 105-105
Numerical Foundations of System Simulation….Pages 107-154
Aspects of Real-time Simulation….Pages 155-165
Object Oriented Architecture of Simulators and System Models….Pages 167-221
Simulator Development Compliant to Software Standards….Pages 223-247
Simulation Tools in a System Engineering Infrastructure….Pages 249-267
Front Matter….Pages 269-269
Service Oriented Simulator Kernel Architectures….Pages 271-280
Consistent Modeling Technology for all Development Phases….Pages 281-294
Knowledge-Based Simulation Applications….Pages 295-318
Simulation of Autonomous Systems….Pages 319-332
Back Matter….Pages 1-20

Simulating Spacecraft Systems PDF

Author(s): Jens Eickhoff (auth.)

Series: Springer Aerospace Technology 1

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Year: 2009

ISBN: 9783642012754


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