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[PDF] Selective Sweep – Dmitry Nurminsky

Book Name: [PDF] Selective Sweep – Dmitry Nurminsky
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Selective Sweep – Dmitry Nurminsky

Selective Sweep - Dmitry Nurminsky, Selective Sweep - Dmitry Nurminsky PDF

Book Description:

Selective Sweep deals with the theory and practice of detection of recent adaptive evolution at the genomic level from the patterns of DNA polymorphism. Recent advances in genomic sequencing provide the background for analysis of polymorphic sites in large chromosomal regions or even in whole genome, thus providing the tool for effective identification of loci that are under strong pressure of positive selection. For this reason, the studies of selective sweep, which formerly were of interest mostly to evolutionists, have become widely recognized and appreciated by the large biological community involved in identification of the targets of selection during speciation, host/pathogen interactions, and resistance to chemical agents.

Selective Sweep PDF

Author(s): Dmitry I. Nurminsky

Series: Molecular biology intelligence unit

Publisher: Landes Bioscience/Eurekah.com; Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, Year: 2005

ISBN: 0306482355

[PDF] Selective Sweep – Dmitry Nurminsky Table Of Contents

Inside Cover……Page 2
Copyright ©2005 Eurekah.com……Page 3
CHAPTER 1 Inferring Evolutionary History through Interand Intraspecific DNA Sequence Comparison: The Drosophila janus and ocnus Genes……Page 10
CHAPTER 2 Rapid Evolution of Sex-Related Genes: Sexual Conflict or Sex-Specific Adaptations?……Page 22
CHAPTER 3 Selective Sweep in the Evolution of a New Sperm-Specific Gene in Drosophila……Page 31
CHAPTER 4 Detecting Selective Sweeps with Haplotype Tests: Hitchhiking and Haplotype Tests……Page 43
CHAPTER 5 A Novel Test Statistic for the Identification of Local Selective Sweeps Based on Microsatellite Gene Diversity……Page 64
CHAPTER 6 Detecting Hitchhiking from Patterns of DNA Polymorphism……Page 74
CHAPTER 7 Periodic Selection and Ecological Diversity in Bacteria……Page 87
CHAPTER 8 Distribution and Abundance of Polymorphism in the Malaria Genome……Page 103
CHAPTER 9 Selective Sweeps in Structured Populations— Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Studies……Page 113
INDEX……Page 128
Back Cover……Page 0




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