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The explosive demand for mobile communications is driving the development of wireless technology at an unprecedented pace. Unfortunately, this exceptional growth is also giving rise to myriad security issues at all levels, from subscribers to the network operator to service providers.

Providing technicians and designers with a critical and comprehensive resource, Security of Mobile Communications brings together the policies, practices, and guidelines needed to identify and address the security issues related to today’s wireless sensor networks, satellite services, mobile e-services, and inter-system roaming and interconnecting systems. It details the major mobile standards for securing mobile communications and examines the architectures able to provide data confidentiality, authentication, integrity, and privacy in various wireless environments.

This book will serve as an invaluable resource for those looking to identify and ameliorate security issues. Professor Noureddine Boudriga, an internationally recognized authority, goes beyond analysis, standards, and guidelines to define the roles and responsibilities that network operators, service providers, and even customers need to fulfill to ensure our mobile communications are as secure as they are prolific.


Security of Mobile Communications PDF

Author(s): Noureddine Boudriga

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2010

ISBN: 0849379415,9780849379413


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