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This book proposes secure schemes to address security challenges in secure automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast systems (ADS-B) from five different angles. First, the authors examine encryption schemes applied to the ADS-B environment to protect message confidentiality. Second, they propose an ADS-B broadcast authentication scheme with batch verification by employing an identity-based signature. Third, they present an ADS-B broadcast authentication scheme based on a digital signature with message recovery, which provides a feature that the message is recoverable from the signature. Fourth, they propose a new cryptographic solution to ADS-B security. Finally, they propose an accurate and efficient cognitive aircraft location verification scheme preserving aircraft location privacy by utilizing a grid-based k-nearest neighbor algorithm. The authors show how ADS-B data links can greatly enhance flight safety through these proposed schemes without sacrificing data security.


Preface, The existing air transportation system could not cope well with the expected growth of air traffic in the coming decades. Therefore, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) launched a thorough system upgrade called the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). The Automatic Dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) technology is one pillar of NextGen. Surprisingly, the critical ADS-B technology was not designed with sufficient security considerations in mind, making the ADS-B system susceptible to various cyber-attacks because ADS-B messages are publicly transmitted on the wireless broadcast channel, and there are no mandatory requirements for encryption and authentication of ADS-B messages. As a result, the security issues of the ADS-B system will raise concerns about the safety of air travel. To solve ADS-B security problems, we first conduct a comprehensive vulnerability analysis of ADS-B in this book. Then, we study the security protection approaches of ADS-B based on cryptographic technology and weigh their advantages and disadvantages. On this basis, we propose efficient and compatible ADS-B broadcast authentication, message privacy protection, and aircraft location verification schemes, which fully ensure the security of the ADS-B system and are suitable for large-scale practical deployment.


Secure Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Systems PDF

Author(s): Haomiao Yang, Hongwei Li, Xuemin Sherman Shen

Series: Wireless Networks

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2022

ISBN: 9783031070204,9783031070211


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