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Secret identity crisis: comic books and the unmasking of Cold War America 

Secret identity crisis: comic books and the unmasking of Cold War America pdf

Book Description:

The liberal consensus was formed during the Cold War. — Outer space invaders: 1961-1968 — Inner conflict: 1969-1976 — Withdrawal into seclusion: 1977–1985 • Self-Betrayal in the Mirror: 1986–1996 From 1996 to 2007: the emergence of the new international order There was a civil war, and Captain America was killed. The Identity Is a Secret Crisis uses the medium of superhero comics to trace the decline of the post-1960 cold war consensus. Marvel’s creations are signals that reflect, comment on, and interact with the American political economy because of their deliberate location in the modern world and their attempts to create a continuous plot line between and within volumes. This innovative new study uses a select group of titles and signs involving political and economic codes, such as Captain America, the Invincible Iron Man, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, and the Incredible Hulk, to explain the transformation and reproduction of the American self in the wake of the Cold War.” ——Publisher description; “Bruce Banner, a physicist, becomes the raging green monster known as the Hulk after he is caught in the blast of his experimental gamma bomb. After being bitten by an irradiated spider, high school student Peter Parker develops superhuman abilities and becomes Spiderman. When circling Earth in a spaceship, Reed Richards and his companions are trapped in a belt of cosmic radiation and undergo a metamorphosis into the Fantastic Four. Though Stan Lee claims he stuck with the tired concept of radioactivity when developing Marvel’s roster of superheroes due to his lack of inventiveness, the great bang that gave rise to the Marvel world was the advent of nuclear weapons. During the four decades of the bipolar division of the world between the United States and the Soviet Union, the mushroom cloud of potential nuclear war cast a dark shadow over the birthplace of the Marvel superheroes who would go on to dominate the comic book industry for most of the last five decades. These tales were purposefully placed in this time and place, revealing much about the shifting American culture during and after the cold war. Comic books, like other types of popular entertainment, are particularly susceptible to contemporary trends, reflecting them, commenting on them, and even launching them occasionally.

Table of contents :

The Cold War and the forging of the liberal consensus
The enemy without: 1961-1968
The enemy within: 1969-1976
Retreat into privacy: 1977-1985
Betrayal in the mirror: 1986-1996
The new world order: 1996-2007
Civil war and the death of Captain America.


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Author(s): Marvel Comics Group.;Costello, Matthew John

Publisher: Continuum, Year: 2009

ISBN: 9780826429971


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