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Search User Interfaces

    Book Name: Search User Interfaces
    Category: Computer Books ( CE & IT )
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    Search User Interfaces

    Search User Interfaces PDF Free Download

    Book Description:

    This book focuses on search engine users and the tool they use to interact with them: the search user interface. The truly global reach of the web has brought new awareness to IT professionals and the general public about the immense importance of usability and user interface design. Over the past decade, there has been a great deal of understanding about what works in the search interface from a usability perspective and what doesn’t. Researchers and practitioners have developed a wide range of innovative interface ideas, but only the most widely accepted ideas find their way into the major web search engines. This book summarizes these developments, presenting a modern approach to the design of search interfaces, both in academic research and in their implementation in commercial systems. Many books describe the algorithms behind search engines and information retrieval systems, but the sole focus of this book is specifically on user interfaces. It will be welcomed by industry professionals who design systems using search interfaces as well as graduate students and university researchers studying information systems.

    Table of contents :

    1 The Design of Search User Interfaces
    2 The Evaluation of Search User Interfaces
    3 Models of the Information Seeking Process
    4 Query Specification
    5 Presentation of Search Results
    6 Query Reformulation
    7 Supporting the Search Process
    8 Integrating Navigation with Search
    9 Personalization in Search
    10 Information Visualization for Search Interfaces
    11 Information Visualization for Text Analysis
    12 Emerging Trends in Search Interfaces
    Appendix: Additional Copyright Notices
    Author Index

    Search User Interfaces PDF

    Author(s): Marti A. Hearst

    Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Year: 2009

    ISBN: 0521113792,9780521113793


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