Book Name: Scientific and Engineering Applications Using MATLAB
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Scientific and Engineering Applications Using MATLAB 

Scientific and Engineering Applications Using MATLAB pdf free

Book Description

The purpose of this book is to present ten scientific and engineering works whose numerical and graphical analyses were all constructed using the power of MATLAB tools.

The first five chapters of this book show applications in seismology, meteorology, and the natural environment. Chapters 6 and 7 focus on modeling and simulating water distribution networks. The simulation was also applied to study broad area protection for interconnected power grids (Chapter 8) and the performance of conical antennas (Chapter 9). The last chapter deals with the depth positioning of underwater robot vehicles. This book is a collection of compelling examples of where this computational package can be applied.

Table of Contents

  • 00 Preface
  • 01 Ground Motion Estimation During Strong \ Seismic Events Using Matlab
  • 02 Aftershock Identification Through \ Genetic Fault-Plane Fitting
  • 03 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) \ and the Indian Summer Monsoon
  • 04 The Analysis of Influence of River Floods on Biotic Components of Floodplain Ecosystems with the Help of MATLAB Simulation
  • 05 Data Reduction for Water Quality \ Modelling, Vaal Basin
  • 06 Modelling Reliability-Based Optimization Design \ for Water Distribution Networks
  • 07 Integrated Cyber-Physical Simulation of \ Intelligent Water Distribution Networks
  • 08 A Novel Wide Area Protection Classification \ Technique for Interconnected Power Grids \ Based on MATLAB Simulation
  • 09 Simulated Performance of Conical Antennas \ Using Matlab-Based Finite-Difference Time \ Domain (FDTD) Code
  • 10 Variable Ballast Mechanism for Depth \ Positioning of a Spherical \ Underwater Robot Vehicle


Scientific and Engineering Applications Using MATLAB (intech) PDF

Author(s): Edited by Emilson Pereira Leite

Publisher: Published by InTech, Year: 2011

ISBN: 9789533076591



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