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[PDF] Rocket and Spacecraft Propulsion

    Book Name: [PDF] Rocket and Spacecraft Propulsion
    Category: Aerospace Engineering
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    Rocket and Spacecraft Propulsion

    Turbomachinery: Design and Theory by Martin J.L. Turner

    Book Description:

    Clearly presenting the theory and design of turbomachines with step-by-step procedures and worked-out examples, this reference/text emphasizes fundamental principles and construction guidelines for enclosed rotators, such as pumps and fans. Contains end-of-chapter problem and solution sets, design formulations, and equations for clear understanding of key aspects in machining function, selection, assembly, and construction.

    Download Rocket and Spacecraft Propulsion Principles, Practice and New Developments 2nd Edition By Martin J. L. Turner Book Free

    Author(s): Martin J.L. Turner

    Series: Dekker Mechanical Engineering

    Publisher: CRC Press, Marcel Dekker

    Year: 2003

    ISBN: 9783540221906





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