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This book was conceived as a gathering place for new ideas from academia, industry, research, and practice in robotics, automation, and control. The book aimed to point out interactions among various areas of interest despite the diversity and narrow specializations which prevail in the current research. The common denominator of all included chapters appears to be a synergy of various disciplines. This synergy yields a deeper understanding of the treated problems. Each new approach applied to a particular problem can enrich and inspire improvements of already established systems to the problem.

Table of contents :

Chapter 1 Multi-Domain Modelling and Control in Mechatronics: the Case of Common Rail Injection Systems by Paolo Lino and Bruno Maione
Chapter 2 Time-Frequency Representation of Signals Using Kalman Filter by Jindrich Liska and Eduard Janecek
Chapter 3 Discrete-Event Dynamic Systems Modelling Distributed Multi-Agent Control of Intermodal Container Terminals by Guido Maione
Chapter 4 Inclusion of Expert Rules into Normalized Management Models for Description of MIB Structure by Antonio Martin and Carlos Leon
Chapter 5 Robust and Active Trajectory Tracking for an Autonomous Helicopter under Wind Gust by Adnan Martini, Francois Leonard and Gabriel Abba
Chapter 6 An Artificial Neural Network Based Learning Method for Mobile Robot Localization by Matthew Conforth and Yan Meng
Chapter 7 The Identification of Models of External Loads by Yuri Menshikov
Chapter 8 Environment Modelling with an Autonomous Mobile Robot for Cultural Heritage Preservation and Remote Access by Grazia Cicirelli and Annalisa Milella
Chapter 9 On-line Cutting Tool Condition Monitoring in Machining Processes Using Artificial Intelligence by Antonio J. Vallejo, Rubén Morales-Menéndez and J.R. Alique
Chapter 10 Controlled Use of Subgoals in Reinforcement Learning by Junichi Murata
Chapter 11 Fault Detection Algorithm Based on Filters Bank Derived from Wavelet Packets by Oussama Mustapha, Mohamad Khalil, Ghaleb Hoblos, Houcine Chafouk and Dimitri Lefebvre
Chapter 12 Pareto Optimum Design of Robust Controllers for Systems with Parametric Uncertainties by Amir Hajiloo, Nader Nariman-zadeh and Ali Moeini
Chapter 13 Genetic Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for On-line Fuzzy Inference System Tuning “Application to Mobile Robotic” by Abdelkrim Nemra, and and Hacene Rezine
Chapter 14 Control of Redundant Submarine Robot Arms under Holonomic Constraints by E. Olguín-Díaz, V. Parra-Vega and D. Navarro-Alarcón
Chapter 15 Predictive Control with Local Visual Data by Lluís Pacheco, Ningsu Luo and Xavier Cufí
Chapter 16 New Trends in Evaluation of the Sensors Output by Michal Pavlik, Jiri Haze and Radimir Vrba
Chapter 17 Modelling and Simultaneous Estimation of State and Parameters of Traffic System by Pavla Pecherková, Jindřich Duník and Miroslav Flídr
Chapter 18 A Human Factors Approach to Supervisory Control Interface Improvement by Pere Ponsa, Ramon Vilanova, Marta Díaz and Anton Gomà
Chapter 19 An Approach to Tune PID Fuzzy Logic Controllers Based on Reinforcement Learning by Hacene Rezine, Louali Rabah, Jèrome Faucher and Pascal Maussion
Chapter 20 Autonomous Robot Navigation Using Flatness-based Control and Multi-Sensor Fusion by Gerasimos G. Rigatos
Chapter 21 An Improved Real-Time Particle Filter for Robot Localization by Dario Lodi Rizzini and Stefano Caselli
Chapter 22 Dependability of Autonomous Mobile Systems by Jan Rüdiger, AchimWagner and Essam Badreddin
Chapter 23 Model-free Subspace Based Dynamic Control of Mechanical Manipulators by Muhammad Saad Saleem and Ibrahim A. Sultan
Chapter 24 The Verification of Temporal KBS: SPARSE – A Case Study in Power Systems by Jorge Santos, Zita Vale, Carlos Serôdio and Carlos Ramos


Robotics Automation and Control PDF

Author(s): Edited by Pavla Pecherkova, Miroslav Flidr and Jindrich Dunik

Publisher: InTech, Year: 2008

ISBN: 978-953-7619-18-3



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