Book Name: Reverse Engineering for Beginners
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Reverse Engineering for Beginners

This book deals with software reverse engineering as well as the study of compiled programs. Basic understanding of C/C++ is required.

Reverse Engineering for Beginners PDF

The term “reverse engineering” has several common meanings: 1) Reverse software engineering: looking for compiled programs; 2) The digitization of 3D structures and subsequent digital manipulations required to duplicate them; 3) Recreate the DBMS5 structure. This book deals with the first meaning.

Unless you’re an OS developer, you probably don’t need to write code in assembly – the latest compilers (the 2010s) do much better optimizations than humans.
Also, the latest microprocessors are very complex devices and knowledge of the assembly doesn’t really help in understanding their internals.
With that said, there are at least two areas where a good understanding of assembly can be useful: first and foremost, security/malware research. It’s also a good way to better understand your compiled code when debugging. This book is therefore for those who want to understand assembly rather than code, which is why it contains many examples of compiler output.

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Reverse Engineering for Beginners(Understanding Assembly Language)

Author(s): Dennis Yurichev

Year: 2020





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