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Reveal Me By Tahereh Mafi

Reveal Me is a young adult dystopian fiction and thriller novel in Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi, published in 2019.

This fourth companion novella to Tahereh Mafi’s New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series is narrated by fan-favorite character Kenji Kishimoto!

The explosive revelations in Defy Me have left readers reeling and desperate for answers. This fourth and final novella in the series will bring readers back to the world of the Shatter Me before the final novel installment hit shelves in winter 2020.

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Reveal Me Book Summary 

This novella is also told through Kenji’s eyes. It comes after I Dare You. In this book, Kenji starts to feel different ways about many different things. About Juliette. Concerning Nazeer. He seems strange. Not like himself. And more and more people are starting to notice. The first was called Nazeer.

SPOILER ALERT: Kenji isn’t interested in eating his cake. That’s enough to make me think there’s something wrong with him. He doesn’t think like that. He starts a fight with Nazeera, calls her names, and tells her he loves her. Most of the book, Kenji is either mad, drunk, stressed, tired, or just not himself. He even passes out in the middle of a meeting, but we’ll talk about why later.

So, when he finds out that Anderson is holding Adam and James as hostages, he loses his sense of sanity. To tell them something, he interrupts Warner and Juliette’s kiss (you know Warner wasn’t happy about that). Kenji most likely wants to die.

Do you remember I said Kenji passed out in the middle of the meeting? Yeah, well, Nazeera gave him drugs while they were trying to save Juliette and Warner, which is why he did that and felt like he wasn’t in his right mind.

Now, believe it or not, Nazeera did this out of goodwill. She was trying to keep everyone safe while they were on Anderson’s plane, so she gave him drugs because she didn’t think he would be able to stay quiet the whole time.

Kenji finally wakes up after a while, and as soon as he stands up, he realizes that someone is in the room. He thinks it’s an intruder, so he fights with them. Then he figures out that it’s just Nazeera. Oh, woman, you’re crazy.

After a long talk, Kenji finds out why she was in his room in the first place. To her shame, she said she was worried about him because she felt bad about what she had done. She didn’t know what to do when he suddenly woke up. Kenji doesn’t believe her and says she is lying. But finally, Nazeera has to tell Kenji that she kissed him for the first time. And that she likes him a lot.

Then they have a nice moment together, but Juliette starts screaming and stops them. There’s no question that Kenji finally gets how Warner feels.

So, the novella ends on that exciting cliffhanger. I can’t even try to imagine how Kenji felt. With Nazeera, the drugs, and Warner wanting to kill him for always getting in the way of him and Juliette, he felt like the whole world was on his shoulders. It shows how amazing he can be in so much pain and still smile and crack jokes to make everyone else feel better. Anyway, the review is over, and I hope you enjoyed it.


Reveal Me PDF

Author(s): Tahereh Mafi

Publisher: HarperCollins, Year: 2019

ePUB Format



Reveal Me By Tahereh Mafi PDF

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