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RESTful PHP Web Services 

Learn the basic architectural concepts and step through examples of consuming and creating RESTful web services in PHP. This book targets PHP developers who want to build or make use of RESTful web services, or explore the options available to them in PHP. You will need to know the basics of PHP development, but no knowledge of REST is assumed, nor any knowledge of creating web services generally.

RESTful PHP Web Services pdf free

Book Description:

Representational State Transfer (REST) is a form of software architecture; systems that follow it are often called RESTful. It is the architectural style that drives the World Wide Web (the motivation for REST was to capture elements that made the Web successful), and RESTful web services use simple protocols already familiar to web developers. RESTful web services are found in lots of places with big-name Web APIs such as Flickr, and Yahoo search following a REST-based approach. With any architectural style or approach, struggling with its basic concepts is just one problem – implementation in your favorite language is another, and that’s where this book comes in. If you’re a PHP developer, this book will show you how to create and consume RESTful web services in PHP, and make your services work well in the context of the Web.

About the Author

Samisa Abeysinghe is the Technical Director at WSO2. Samisa pioneered the Apache Axis2/C effort and the core design of the Apache Axis2/C web services engine. He continues to be an active contributor to the Apache Axis2/C project. His involvement in open source projects started in 2004 when he started working on the Apache Axis C/C++ project. Prior to her current role, Samisa served as Project Manager for the PHP WSO2 Web Services Framework project a project that provides comprehensive support for building SOAP and REST services and clients.

RESTful PHP Web Services PDF

Author(s): Samisa Abeysinghe

Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-847195-52-4




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