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Refrigeration Systems and Applications Second Version by Ibrahim Dincer and Mehmet Kanoglu

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Refrigeration Systems and Applications, 2nd edition offers a comprehensive treatise that addresses real-life technical and operational problems, enabling the reader to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles and the practical applications of refrigeration technology. New and unique analysis techniques (including exergy as a potential tool), models, correlations, procedures and applications are covered, and recent developments in the field are included  many of which are taken from the author’s own research activities in this area. The book also includes some discussion of global warming issues and its potential solutions.

  • Enables the reader to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles and the practical applications of refrigeration technologies.
  • Discusses crucial industrial technical and operational problems, as well as new performance improvement techniques and tools for better design and analysis.
  • Includes fundamental aspects of thermodynamics, fluid flow, and heat transfer; refrigerants; refrigeration cycles and systems; advanced refrigeration cycles and systems, including some novel applications; heat pumps; heat pipes; and many more.
  • Provides easy to follow explanations, numerous new chapter-end problems and worked-out examples as learning aids for students and instructors.

Refrigeration is extensively used in a variety of thermal engineering applications ranging from the cooling of electronic devices to food cooling processes. Its wide-ranging implications and applications mean that this industry plays a key role in national and international economies, and it continues to be an area of active research and development. Refrigeration Systems and Applications, 2nd edition forms a useful reference source for graduate and postgraduate students and researchers in academia and as well as practicing engineers working in this important field who are interested in refrigeration systems and applications and the methods and analysis tools for their analysis, design and performance improvement.

Refrigeration is an incredible space the place science and engineering meet for fixing the humankind’s cooling and refrigeration wants in an intensive vary of purposes, starting from the cooling of digital units to meals cooling, and has a multidisciplinary character, involving a mix of a number of disciplines, together with mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, meals engineering, civil engineering and many extra. The refrigeration trade has drastically expanded in the course of the previous twenty years to play a big position in societies and their economies. Subsequently, the financial affect of refrigeration expertise all through the world has turn into extra spectacular and will proceed to turn into much more spectacular sooner or later due to the rising demand for refrigeration programs and purposes.After all, this expertise serves to enhance dwelling circumstances in numerous methods. This second version of the e-book has improved and enhanced contents in a number of matters, significantly in superior refrigeration programs. It now consists of examine issues and questions on the finish of every chapter, which make the e-book acceptable as a textbook for college students and researchers in academia. Extra importantly, it now has complete power and exergy analyses introduced in a number of chapters for higher and efficiency enchancment of refrigeration programs and purposes, which make it much more appropriate for trade.

Protection of the fabric is in depth, and the quantity of data and information introduced is enough for a number of programs, if studied intimately. It’s strongly believed that the e-book shall be of curiosity to college students, refrigeration engineers, practitioners, and producers, in addition to folks and establishments which can be serious about refrigeration programs and purposes, and that additionally it is a invaluable and readable reference textual content and supply for anybody who needs to be taught extra about refrigeration programs and purposes and their and evaluation.

Chapter 1 addresses normal ideas, basic rules, and fundamental features of thermodynamics, psychrometrics, fluid move and warmth switch with a broad protection to furnish the reader with background info that’s related to the evaluation of refrigeration programs and purposes. Chapter 2 offers helpful info on a number of forms of refrigerants and their environmental affect, in addition to their thermodynamic properties. Chapter 3 delves into the specifics of refrigeration system elements and their working and technical features, evaluation particulars, utilization views and so on, earlier than stepping into refrigeration cycles and programs. Chapter 4 presents a complete protection on refrigeration cycles and programs for varied purposes, together with their power and exergy analyses.

Chapter 5 as a brand new chapter offers monumental materials on superior refrigeration cycles and programs for quite a few purposes with operational and technical particulars. There are additionally illustrative examples on system analyses by power and exergy, which make it distinctive on this e-book. Chapter 6 offers with plenty of technical features associated to warmth pump programs and purposes, power and exergy analyses and efficiency analysis of warmth pump programs, new warmth pump purposes and their utilization in trade, and floor supply warmth pump programs and purposes. Chapter 7 is about warmth pipes and their micro- and macro-scale purposes, technical, design, manufacturing, and operational features of warmth pipes, warmth pipe utilization in HVAC purposes, and their efficiency analysis.

Included by this e-book are many wide-ranging examples which offer helpful info for sensible purposes. Conversion components and thermophysical properties of assorted supplies, in addition to a lot of meals refrigeration information, are listed within the appendices within the Worldwide System of Models (SI). Full references are included with every chapter to direct the curious and reader to additional info.


Refrigeration Systems and Applications, Second Edition PDF

Author(s): Ibrahim Dincer, Mehmet Kanoglu(auth.)

Year: 2010

ISBN: 9780470747407,9780470661093


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[PDF] Refrigeration Systems and Applications by Ibrahim Dincer Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 General Aspects of Thermodynamics, Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer (pages 1–62)
Chapter 2 Refrigerants (pages 63–103)
Chapter 3 Refrigeration System Components (pages 105–153)
Chapter 4 Refrigeration Cycles and Systems (pages 155–218)
Chapter 5 Advanced Refrigeration Cycles and Systems (pages 219–273)
Chapter 6 Heat Pumps (pages 275–378)
Chapter 7 Heat Pipes (pages 379–415)




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