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Ray Tracing Gems II

    Book Name: Ray Tracing Gems II
    Category: Software Engineering
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    Ray Tracing Gems II: Next Generation Real-Time Rendering with DXR, Vulkan, and OptiX 

    Ray Tracing Gems II PDF

    Book Description

    This open access book is a must-have for anyone interested in real-time rendering. Ray Tracing is the holy grail of gaming graphics, simulating the physical behavior of light to deliver cinematic-quality real-time rendering of even the most visually intense games.
    ray tracing is also a fundamental algorithm used for architectural applications, visualization, audio simulation, deep learning, and more.

    What you will learn:

    • The latest ray tracing techniques to develop real-time applications across multiple domains
    • Case studies and developer studies who shipped products using real-time ray tracing.
    • Guidelines, tips, and best practices for rendering applications with various GPU-based ray tracing APIs (DirectX Raytracing, Vulkan Ray Tracing)
    • High-performance graphics for 3D graphics, virtual reality, animation, and more

    Ray Tracing Gems II is written by industry experts with a particular focus on ray tracing, and it offers a practical means to master the new capabilities of current and future GPUs with the latest graphics APIs.

    Who This Book Is For:

    Game and graphics developers who are looking to leverage the latest hardware and software tools for real-time rendering and ray tracing to enhance their applications across a variety of disciplines.


    Ray Tracing Gems II: Next Generation Real-Time Rendering with DXR, Vulkan, and OptiX

    Author(s): Adam Marrs, Peter Shirley, Ingo Wald

    Publisher: Apress, Year: 2021

    ISBN: 9781484271841,9781484271858




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