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Railway Electrification Systems and Engineering First Version by Sheilah Frey


Early electrical techniques used low-voltage DC. Electrical motors had been fed immediately from the traction provide and had been managed utilizing a mix of resistors and relays that linked the motors in parallel or collection.  The commonest DC voltages are 600 V and 750 V for trams and metros and 1,500 V, 650/750 V third rail for the previous Southern Area of the UK and 3 kV overhead. The decrease voltages are sometimes used with third or fourth rail techniques, whereas voltages above 1 kV are usually restricted to overhead wiring for security causes.Suburban trains (SBahn) traces in Hamburg, Germany, function utilizing a 3rd rail with 1,200 V, the French SNCF Culoz-Modane line within the Alps used 1,500 V and a 3rd rail till 1976, when a catenary was put in and the third rail was eliminated. Within the UK, south of London, 750 V third rail is used whereas, for internal London, 650 V is used to permit inter-running with London Underground which makes use of a 650 V fourth rail system however with the 4th (centre) rail linked to the working rails in inter-running areas.


In the course of the mid-20th century, rotary converters or mercury arc rectifiers had been used to transform utility (mains) AC energy to the required DC voltage at feeder stations. At the moment, that is normally accomplished by semiconductor rectifiers after stepping down the voltage from the utility provide. The DC system is kind of easy but it surely requires thick cables and brief distances between feeder stations due to the excessive currents required. There are additionally vital resistive losses. In the UK, the utmost present that may be drawn by a prepare is 6,800 A at 750 V. The feeder stations require fixed monitoring and, on many techniques, just one prepare or locomotive is allowed per part.

The space between two feeder stations at 750 V on third-rail techniques is about 2.5 km (1.6 mi). The space between two feeder stations at 3 kV is about 25 km (16 mi). If auxiliary equipment, corresponding to followers and compressors, is powered by motors fed immediately from the traction provide, they could be bigger due to the additional insulation required for the comparatively excessive working voltage. Alternatively, they are often powered from a motorgenerator set, which presents another approach of powering incandescent lights which in any other case must be linked as collection strings (bulbs designed to function at traction voltages being significantly inefficient).


Now solid-state converters (SIVs) and fluorescent lights can be utilized. The Tyne and Put on Metro is the one United Kingdom system that makes use of 1,500 V DC. 1,500 V DC is used within the Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong (components), Eire, Australia (components), India (across the Mumbai space alone, to be transformed to 25 kV AC like the remainder of the nation), France, New Zealand (Wellington) and the USA (Chicago space on the Metra Electrical district and the South Shore Line interurban line). In Slovakia, there are two narrow-gauge traces within the Excessive Tatras (one a cog railway). In Portugal, it’s used within the Cascais Line and, in Denmark, on the suburban S-train system.

Nottingham Specific Transit in United Kingdom makes use of a 750 V DC overhead, in widespread with most fashionable tram techniques. In the UK, 1,500 V DC was utilized in 1954 for the Woodhead trans-Pennine route (now closed); the system used regenerative braking, permitting for switch of power between climbing and descending trains on the steep approaches to the tunnel. The system was additionally used for suburban electrification in East London and Manchester, now transformed to 25 kV AC. 3 kV DC is utilized in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland, the northern Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, western Croatia, South Africa and former Soviet Union nations (additionally utilizing 25 kV 50 Hz AC).


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