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Python Playground Free PDF by Mahesh Venkitachalam :: Welcome to Python Playground! Within these pages, you’ll find 14 exciting projects designed to encourage you to explore the planet of programming with Python. The projects cover a good range of topics, like drawing Spirograph-like patterns, creating ASCII art.

This book isn’t intended to be your first book on Python. I won’t walk you through the basics. I will, however, show you ways to use Python to unravel a variety of real-world problems during a series of nontrivial projects. As you work through the projects, you’ll explore the nuances of the Python programming language and find out how to figure with some popular Python libraries.

But maybe even more importantly, you’ll find out how to interrupt down a drag into parts, develop an algorithm to unravel that problem, then implement an answer from the bottom up using Python. It can be difficult to solve real-world problems because they are often open-ended and require expertise in various domains. But Python offers the tools to facilitate problem solving.

Overcoming difficulties and finding solutions to real problems is the most important part of your journey on the way to becoming an expert programmer.

Who Is This Book For? Python Playground is written for anyone interested by the way to use programming to understand and explore ideas. The projects in this book assume that you know basic Python syntax and basic programming concepts which you’re familiar with high-school level mathematics. I’ve done my best to explain intimately the maths you would like for all projects.

Writer of “Python Playground” is Mahesh Venkitachalam.

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Python playground: geeky projects for the curious programmer

Author(s): Venkitachalam, Mahesh

Publisher: No Starch Press

Year: 2016

ISBN: 1593276044

Python Programming for Beginners by Adam Stewart Free PDF








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