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Python Journey From Novice to Expert

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The Author of Python Journey from Novice to Expert

Dusty Phillips and Rick van Hattem are the editors of Python Journey from Novice to Expert 

Important Contents of Python Journey from Novice to Expert PDF E-book

  • Studying Python
  • Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming
  • Mastering Python

Preface to Python  Journey from Novice to Expert

Python is a dynamic programming language. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

It’s identified for its excessive readability and therefore it’s typically the primary language discovered by new programmers.

Python being multi-paradigm, it may be used to obtain the identical factor in several methods and it’s appropriate throughout completely different platforms.

Coding in Python minimizes growth time and will increase productiveness compared to different languages. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

Clear, maintainable code is simple to each learn and writes utilizing Python’s clear, concise syntax.

What this studying path covers

Module 1, Studying Python, This module begins by exploring the necessities of programming, information buildings and teaches you the way to manipulate them. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

It then strikes on to controlling the stream of a program and writing reusable and error-proof code.

You’ll then discover completely different programming paradigms that may enable you to discover the perfect method to any scenario, and in addition learn the way to carry out efficiency optimization in addition to efficient debugging. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

All through, the module steers you thru the varied kinds of functions, and it concludes with a whole mini web site constructed upon all of the ideas that you simply discovered.


Module 2, Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming, Second Version, You’ll learn the way to use the Python programming language to clearly grasp key ideas from the object-oriented paradigm. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

This modules totally explains courses, information encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and exceptions with an emphasis on when you need to use every precept to develop well-designed software program.

You may get an in-depth evaluation of many frequent object-oriented design patterns which can be extra appropriate to Python’s distinctive model. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

This module won’t simply train Python syntax, however may also construct your confidence in how to program and create maintainable functions with higher-level design patterns.

Module 3, Mastering Python, This module is an authoritative information that may assist you to study new superior strategies in a transparent and contextualized approach. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

It begins off by making a project-specific surroundings utilizing venv, introducing you to completely different Pythonic syntax and customary pitfalls earlier than transferring on to cowl the practical options in Python.

It covers how to create completely different decorators, turbines, and metaclasses. It additionally introduces you to functools.wraps and coroutines and the way they work.

Afterward, you’ll study to use the asyncio module for asynchronous purchasers and servers. Additionally, you will get accustomed to completely different testing techniques resembling py.check, doctest, and unittest, and debugging instruments resembling Python debugger and fault handler. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

You’ll study to optimize software efficiency in order that it really works effectively throughout a number of machines and Python variations. Lastly,

it would train you the way to entry C capabilities with a easy Python name.

By the top of the module, it is possible for you to to write extra superior scripts and tackle larger challenges. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

What you want for this studying path

Module 1: You might be inspired to comply with the examples on this module. So as to accomplish that, you will have a pc, an Web connection, and a browser.

The module is written in Python 3.4, but it surely must also work with any Python 3.* model. It has written directions on how to set up Python on the three fundamental working techniques used right now: Home windows, Mac, and Linux. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

This module additionally defined how to set up all the additional libraries used within the numerous examples and supplied recommendations if the reader finds any points throughout the set up of any of them.

No specific editor is required to kind the code; nonetheless, the module means that those that are fascinated with following the examples ought to think about adopting a correct coding surroundings.

Module 2: All of the examples on this module depend on the Python 3 interpreter.

Be sure you should not utilizing Python 2.7 or earlier. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

On the time of writing, Python 3.4 was the most recent launch of Python. Most examples will work on earlier revisions of Python 3, however you’re inspired to use the most recent model to decrease frustration.

The entire examples ought to run on any working system supported by Python. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

If this isn’t the case, please report it as a bug.

A number of the examples want a working Web connection.

You may in all probability need to have considered one of these for extracurricular analysis and debugging anyway! As well as, a few of the examples on this module depend on third-party libraries that don’t ship with Python. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

These are launched throughout the module on the time they’re used, so you do not want to set up them upfront. Nevertheless, for completeness, here’s a listing:

  • pip
  • requests
  • pillow
  • bit array

Module 3: The one exhausting requirement for this module is a Python interpreter. (Python Journey from Novice to Expert Study Core)

A Python 3.5 or newer interpreter is really helpful, however most of the code examples will operate in older Python variations, resembling 2.7, with a easy kind __future__ import print_ assertion added on the high of the file.

Moreover, Chapter 14, Extensions in C/ C++, System Calls, and C/C++ Librariesrequires a C/C++ compiler, resembling GCC, Visible Studio, or XCode. A Linux machine is by far the best to execute the C/C++ examples, however these ought to operate on Home windows and OS X machines with out an excessive amount of effort as nicely.

Python: Journey from Novice to Expert

Author(s): Fabrizio Romano, Dusty Phillips, Rick van Hattem

Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2016

ISBN: 9781787122567




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