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Production Chemicals for the Oil and Gas Industry Second Edition by Malcolm A. Kelland

PREFACE:It struck me a number of years in the past that there was a scarcity of common literature offering an summary of all the varied problems with oilfield manufacturing chemistry. Definitely, there was not a e-book that focuses on the constructions of manufacturing chemical substances and their environmental properties that could possibly be useful to service firms and chemical suppliers in designing higher or greener merchandise.

Though I used to be positive that there have been others who might do a greater job at writing such a e-book, I made a decision to have a go. This e-book is primarily a handbook of manufacturing chemical substances and as such must be helpful to grease and fuel firms, oilfield chemical service firms, and chemical suppliers.

The introduction and details in every chapter must also be helpful for college college students wishing to check oilfield manufacturing chemistry. If you’re working for a chemical provide firm and are unfamiliar with the oil and fuel trade, I might advocate studying up on the fundamentals of upstream oil and fuel manufacturing earlier than delving into this e-book.

I’ve restricted the e-book to sixteen chapters on manufacturing chemical substances and an introductory chapter, which additionally consists of environmental points. A few of the manufacturing chemical substances are particularly for use downhole akin to acid stimulation and water and fuel shut-off chemical substances. I’ve not included all stimulation chemical substances akin to these utilized in proppant fracturing, as these aren’t normally thought of manufacturing chemical substances.

I’ve included chemical substances utilized in water injection wells for enhanced oil restoration, akin to oxygen scavengers and biocides, however I’ve not mentioned polymers and surfactants, that are used to additional improve oil restoration (EOR), or tracers. Polymers and surfactants aren’t very extensively used for EOR at the moment.

Nevertheless, if the oil value continues to stay very excessive, their use could turn out to be a extra economically rewarding and prevalent EOR method. In every chapter, I’ve begun by introducing the drawback for which there’s a manufacturing chemical (e.g., scale, corrosion).

Then, I’ve briefly mentioned all strategies to deal with the drawback, each chemical and nonchemical. That is adopted by an intensive dialogue of the structural lessons of manufacturing chemical substances for that individual chapter normally with a quick dialogue on how they are often efficiency examined. I’ve additionally talked about the environmental properties of recognized chemical substances the place such information can be found.

I’ve additionally endeavored to say whether or not a chemical or method has been efficiently utilized in the area, each time a report is obtainable. I’ve included many references at the finish of every chapter so the reader can lookup the particulars on the synthesis, testing, concept, or software of every sort of manufacturing chemical.

I’ve endeavored to be as thorough and up-to-date as attainable in the literature, not wishing to depart out any structural class of manufacturing chemical, whether or not they have been utilized in the area or not. The references are from patents or patent functions, books, journals, and convention proceedings which might be readily obtainable.

Many patents and patent functions declare a large spectrum of manufacturing chemical constructions. That is usually normal follow from service firms and chemical suppliers not wishing to expose the chemistry of their greatest merchandise to their competitors.

This lack of specificity might not be so useful to the reader, so I’ve subsequently chosen to say solely most popular chemical constructions in the patent, significantly these synthesized and/or examined. I’ve intentionally not talked about in the textual content of every chapter the names of authors or firms and institutes behind the articles and patents in order to be as neutral as attainable.

Nevertheless, all this info could be gleaned by trying up the references. Practically all the patent information could be obtained on-line for free from the Web besides a number of older patents. There are a variety of manufacturing chemical articles, which don’t disclose any chemical names or constructions, fairly they solely give laboratory and/or area take a look at information and typically environmental information on chemical A, chemical B, and so forth.

These articles I’ve deemed as much less helpful to the reader and can’t be correlated with any patents the place chemical constructions are given, and, subsequently, I’ve omitted a lot of them from the references. These which might be talked about are normally included as a result of they include helpful info on take a look at procedures and/or environmental information.

This e-book is an summary of manufacturing chemical substances and doesn’t focus on the precise dealing with and software of the chemical substances in the laboratory or area. Thus, the writer can’t be held accountable for the penalties of dealing with or utilizing any of the chemical substances mentioned on this e-book. I hope you can find this e-book helpful in your research or work. That, a minimum of, was my intention in deciding to put in writing it.

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