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In recent years, the increased awareness of environmental issues has led to the development of new approaches to product design known as “Design for Environment” and “Life Cycle Design.” Although still considered emerging and, in some cases, radical, their principles will, by necessity, become the wave of the future in design. A thorough exploration of the subject, “Product Design for the Environment: A Life Cycle Approach,” presents key concepts, basic design frameworks and techniques, and practical applications. It identifies effective methods and tools for product design, stressing the environmental performance of products over their whole life cycle. After introducing the concepts of sustainable development, the authors discuss industrial ecology and design for the environment as defined in the literature. They present the life cycle theory and approach, explore how to apply it, and define its main techniques.

The book then covers the main premises of product design and development, delineating how to integrate environmental aspects into modern product design effectively. The authors pay particular attention to ecological strategies that can aid in achieving the requisites of eco-efficiency in various product life cycle phases. They explore how these strategies are closely related to the functional performance of the product and its components and, therefore, to some aspects of conventional engineering design.

The book also introduces performance deterioration phenomena, together with design principles for component durability and methods for assessing residual life. Finally, the book defines entirely new methods and tools in relation to life cycle design strategic issues. Each theme introduces the problems and original proposals based on the authors’ experience. The authors then discuss the implementation of these new concepts in design practice, differentiating between levels of intervention and demonstrating their use and effectiveness in specific case studies. The book not only presents evidence of the potential of the approach and methods proposed but also analyses some of the problems involved in developing eco-compatible products in the context of a company.


Product Design for the Environment: A Life Cycle Approach PDF

Author(s): Fabio Giudice, Guido La Rosa, Antonino Risitano

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2006

ISBN: 0849327229,9780849327223

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