Book Name: [PDF] Problems in Classical and Quantum Mechanics
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Problems in Classical and Quantum Mechanics

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This book is a collection of problems that are intended to aid students in graduate and undergraduate courses in Classical and Quantum Physics. It is also intended to be a study aid for students that are preparing for the PhD qualifying exam. Many of the included problems are of a type that could be on a qualifying exam. Others are meant to elucidate important concepts. Unlike other compilations of problems, the detailed solutions are often accompanied by discussions that reach beyond the specific problem.The solution of the problem is only the beginning of the learning process–it is by manipulation of the solution and changing of the parameters that a great deal of insight can be gleaned. The authors refer to this technique as “massaging the problem,” and it is an approach that the authors feel increases the pedagogical value of any problem.


Problems in Classical and Quantum Mechanics: Extracting the Underlying Concepts

Author(s): J. Daniel Kelley, Jacob J. Leventhal (auth.)

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2017

ISBN: 978-3-319-46662-0

Edition           N/A

Length:           358 pages

Size:             3.90 MB

Language:         English



[PDF] Problems in Classical and Quantum Mechanics Table Of Contents

Front Matter….Pages i-xvi
Front Matter….Pages 1-1
Newtonian Physics….Pages 3-24
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics….Pages 25-66
Central Forces and Orbits….Pages 67-94
Normal Modes and Coordinates….Pages 95-117
Front Matter….Pages 119-119
Introductory Concepts….Pages 121-147
Bound States in One Dimension….Pages 149-171
Ladder Operators for the Harmonic Oscillator….Pages 173-188
Angular Momentum….Pages 189-215
Indistinguishable Particles….Pages 217-221
Bound States in Three Dimensions….Pages 223-242
Approximation Methods….Pages 243-311
Back Matter….Pages 313-365


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