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Digital gear corresponding to computer systems, battery chargers, digital ballasts, variable-frequency drives, and switched-mode energy provides generate perilous harmonics and trigger monumental financial loss yearly. Due to that, each energy suppliers and energy customers are involved about energy high quality issues and compensation methods.

Harmonics surfaced as a buzzword within the 1980s and threatened the traditional operation of energy methods and consumer gear. Harmonics points are of nice concern to engineers and constructing designers as a result of they will do greater than distort voltage waveforms; they will overheat a constructing’s wiring, trigger nuisance tripping, overheat transformer models, and trigger random end-user gear failure. Thus, energy high quality (PQ) has continued to change into a extra severe problem.

In consequence, energetic energy filters (APFs) have gained rather more consideration resulting from wonderful harmonic and reactive energy compensation in two-wire (single section), three-wire (three-phase with out impartial), and four-wire (three-phase with impartial) AC energy networks with nonlinear hundreds. Energetic energy filters have been below analysis and improvement for greater than three many years and have discovered profitable industrial functions with various configurations, management methods, and solid-state gadgets.

Nevertheless, that is nonetheless a expertise below improvement, and many new contributions and new management topologies have been reported in the previous few years. It’s geared toward offering a broad perspective on the standing of APF expertise to researchers and software engineers coping with energy high quality points. In Chapter 1, the significance of energetic energy filters and solid-state gadgets is defined intimately, and APF configurations and choice concerns of them are additionally offered.

In Chapter 2, proportional–integral (PI) controller–primarily based shunt energetic filter (SHAF) management methods (p-q and Id-Iq) are mentioned intimately. SHAF management methods for extracting three-phase reference currents are in contrast, with their efficiency evaluated below completely different supply voltage circumstances utilizing a PI controller. The efficiency of the management methods has been evaluated by way of harmonic mitigation and DC hyperlink voltage regulation.

The detailed simulation outcomes are offered to help the feasibility of proposed management methods. To validate the proposed strategy, the system can also be applied on real-time digital simulator {hardware}, and satisfactory outcomes are reported for its verification. In Chapter 3, kind 1 fuzzy logic controller (FLC)–primarily based SHAF management methods with completely different fuzzy membership features (MFs) (trapezoidal, triangular, and Gaussian) are developed for extracting three-phase reference currents, and are in contrast by evaluating their efficiency below completely different supply voltage circumstances.

Table of contents :

Performance Analysis of SHAF Control Strategies Using a PI Controller
Performance Analysis of SHAF Control Strategies Using Type 1 FLC with Different Fuzzy MFs
Performance Analysis of SHAF Control Strategies Using Type 2 FLC with Different Fuzzy MFs
Introduction to RT-LAB and Real-Time Implementation of Type 2 FLC-Based SHAF Control Strategies
Conclusions and Future Scope


Power quality issues : current harmonics PDF 

Author(s): Mikkili, Suresh; Panda, Anup Kumar

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-1-4987-2963-5,1498729630

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