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Massive knowledge generated by the Web of Issues (IoT), healthcare, and the world huge net (WWW) are altering our lifestyle and society. Small chips are enabling this variation by means of knowledge sensing, gathering, processing, storing and networking by means of wi-fi and wired connections. This explosive progress of digital gadgets and their deployment in new purposes have sparked an urgency to handle their environmentally benign and sustainable power wants.

The unfold of cell computing and the IoT gadgets is proscribed by each battery life and kind issue. Analysis within the area of energy administration circuits and methods within the final 5–10 years has explored built-in energy administration models with a small kind issue, elevated energy density, and environment friendly efficiency over a variety of output energy within the quest for changing and/or extra effectively working with standard rechargeable batteries and carbon-based sources.

The guide begins with a comparability between inductive and capacitive dc–dc converters when it comes to their passive gadgets, amenability to integration, and effectivity at numerous load situations. A hybrid inductive–capacitive converter is proposed for wide-range dynamic voltage scaling, with particulars on the static, dynamic performances and dialogue of various loss mechanisms. Subsequent, the design of single inductor twin output (SIDO) and single inductor a number of output (SIMO) converters are coated intimately in Chapters 2 and 3, together with the presentation of various design targets similar to lowering the variety of energy switches and their related energy losses, extending the output present vary, lowering ripple, and enhancing dynamic efficiency.

Numerous management methods are mentioned to satisfy the completely different design targets, emphasizing adaptive pseudo-continuous conduction mode (PCCM) detailed in Chapter 3. Design features of switched capacitor (SC) dc–dc converters are given in Chapters 4 by means of 6. Whereas advantageous when it comes to their integration potential, switched capacitor converters have been restricted to decrease energy density purposes along with decrease efficiencies because the load strikes away from optimum design situations. Strategies similar to quasi-SC converters, soft-charging or resonant SC converters, and recursive SC converters are detailed to handle a number of the aforementioned limitations.

Chapters 7 and 8 current a special perspective on energy administration models by means of the usage of GaAs pHEMTs for environment friendly highfrequency switching converters. The small print of gadget design, high-quality issue passives, and circuit design methods tailor-made to GaAs expertise are mentioned along with reconfigurable output passive networks to take care of the excessive effectivity of GaAs converters over wider voltage and present ranges. Among the circuit methods similar to resonant gate drivers are in contrast in each GaAs and CMOS applied sciences as in Chapter 8. Whereas lots of the chapters are centered round a number of key publications within the area, relatively than republishing the unique papers, the authors have expanded the fabric to supply extra background and breadth than the unique publications.

As such, the guide would complement a graduate stage course on energy electronics built-in circuits. We hope you discover this guide helpful in your exploration of energy administration built-in circuits and methods. There are numerous distinctive challenges to working with built-in circuits whether or not it’s in customary nanometer scale silicon applied sciences or in III–V applied sciences. Nonetheless, there are also many rewards to reap from such a “energy system-on-chip” (PSOC) platform. Because the editors, we want to thank the contributors to this guide, together with the graduate college students and the contributing authors who’ve labored tirelessly to share their insights with you on this guide.

Table of contents :
Chapter 1. Efficient on-chip power management using fully integrated DC-DC converters / Saurabh Chaubey, Sudhir S. Kudva, and Ramesh Harjani —
chapter 2. Single-inductor multiple-output DC-DC buck converter / Ke-Horng Chen —
chapter 3. SIMO power converters with adaptive PCCM operations / Yi Zhang and D. Brian Ma —
chapter 4. Circuit techniques for improving the power density of switched-capacitor converters / Yutian Lei and Robert Pilawa-Podgurski —
chapter 5. Resonant switched capacitor power converters and architectures / Jason Stauth —
chapter 6. Design of recursive switched-capacitor DC-DC converters / Loai G. Salem and Patrick P. Mercier —
chapter 7. GaAs power devices and modules / Vipindas Pala and T. Paul Chow —
chapter 8. Silicon and III-V technologies for high switching speed monolithic DC-DC power converter ICs / Han Peng, Zemin Liu, and Mona Mostafa Hella.

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