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Michael Dell, the famous founder and CEO of one of America’s biggest technology companies, tells the inside story of the battles that made him today’s leader.

In 1984, Michael Dell, who was about to drop out of college, put signs for his new PC business in the bathroom of his dorm room at the University of Texas. Nearly 30 years later, when he was at the top of his success as the founder and leader of Dell Technologies, he fought to save his company. What he would do next could make or break its reputation.

Play Nice, But Win is an exciting story about the three battles that were fought for Dell Technologies: one to start it up, one to keep it going, and one to change it. For the first time, Dell talks about the highs and lows of the company’s growth in an industry that changed quickly, as well as his own growth as he became the CEO the company needed. He talks about the mentors who showed him how to turn his passion into a business, the competitors who became friends, enemies, or both, and the sharks who circled, looking for weak spots. What becomes clear is the long-term vision that led to his success: that technology is about people and what they can do.

Play Nice, But Win is more than an honest portrait of a leader at a crossroads. It is a survival story that shows that anyone with technological knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit can build something great, but it takes a leader to make something that lasts.


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Author(s): Michael Dell, James Kaplan

Publisher: Portfolio, Year: 2021

ISBN: 0593087747,9780593087749



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