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Physics And Chemistry Basis Of Biotechnology – De Cuyper & Bulte

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The recent advances in the field of Biotechnology cannot simply be ascribed to one scientific discipline. Rather, scientists from various backgrounds, ranging from fundamental physics and chemistry to the (bio) applied sciences, have joined their efforts in order to make this new era of “high-tech” biotechnology possible.In the present volume of “Focus on Biotechnology”, a selected group of distinguished experts describe how their field succeeded in developing the new frontiers of biotechnology. The physical or chemical underlying principles form the core of each chapter, which ends with a sketch of anticipated developments during the next decade.Audience: Any self-respecting scientist who aims to implement his work within the framework of practical applications will find “Focus on Biotechnology – Physics and Chemistry basis Biotechnology” a must-have volume.

physics and chemistry basis of biotechnology pdf
Physics and Chemistry Basis of Biotechnology
Editors: de Cuyper, M., Bulte, Jeff W.M. (Eds.)
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At the end of the 20th century, a tremendous progress was made in biotechnology in its widest sense. This progress was largely possible as a result of joint efforts of top academic researchers in both pure fundamental sciences and applied research. The surplus value of such interdisciplinary approaches was clearly highlighted during the 9th European Congress on Biotechnology that was held in Brussels, Belgium (11-15 July, 1999). The present volume in the ‘Focus on Biotechnology’ series, entiteld ‘Physics and Chemistry Basis for Biotechnology’ contains selected presentations from this meeting, A collection of experts has made serious efforts to present some of the latest developments in various scientific fields and to unveil prospective evolutions on the threshold of the new millenium. In all contributions the emphasis is on emerging new areas of research in which physicochemical principles form the foundation. In reading the different chapters, it appears that more than ever significant advances in biotechnology very often depend on breakthroughs in the biotechnology itself.

[PDF] Physics And Chemistry Basis Of Biotechnology – De Cuyper & Bulte Book Details

Physics and Chemistry Basis of Biotechnology

Author(s): De Cuyper M., Bulte J.W.M. (eds.)

Publisher: Kluwer, Year: 2001

ISBN: 9780306468919


[PDF] Physics And Chemistry Basis Of Biotechnology – De Cuyper & Bulte Table Of Contents

Biomimetic Materials Synthesis….Pages 9-45
Dendrimers….Pages 47-69
Rational Design of P450 Enzymes for Biotechnology….Pages 71-104
Amperometric Enzyme-Based Biosensors for Application in Food and Beverage Industry….Pages 105-129
Supported Lipid Membranes for Reconstitution of Membrane Proteins….Pages 131-165
Functional Structure of the Secretin Receptor….Pages 167-176
Cold-Adapted Enzymes….Pages 177-196
Molecular and Cellular Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agents….Pages 191-221
Radioactive Microspheres for Medical Applications….Pages 213-248
Radiation-Induced Bioradicals….Pages 249-276
Radiation-Induced Bioradicals….Pages 277-303
Aroma Measurement….Pages 305-328

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