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Physical Hydrodynamics Guyon PDF

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Physical Hydrodynamics by Etienne Guyon and Catalin D. Mitescu

Book Description:

In the course of the last twenty years, teaching and research in fluid mechanics has expanded considerably into the physics and chemistry communities, who in their turn developed new approaches to the teaching of this topic. These approaches are mainly oriented towards the comprehension of fluids of different hierarchies, the development of various experimental tools, and explanations in terms of elementary physical mechanics. Physical Hydrodynamics presents this original approach for the first time. The elementary microscopic basics of the statistical theory of fluids is discussed, as are the classical aspects of deformation and pressure and the laws of conservation. The problem of Low-Reynolds-Number Flows will be addressed, its applications to suspensions and porous media explained. A discussion of the aspects of boundary layers, high-velocity flows and instabilities conclude this presentation of incompressible fluid hydrodynamics. The present book provides a thorough introduction into the topic from a primarily physical point of view and will be a useful textbook and reference work for graduate students, lecturers and researchers.


Physical hydrodynamics PDF

Author(s): Etienne Guyon, Jean-Pierre Hulin, Luc Petit, Catalin D. Mitescu

Publisher: Oxford University Press, Year: 2001

ISBN: 0198517467


[PDF] Physical Hydrodynamics Guyon Table Of Contents

1. The physics of fluids
2. Momentum transport under various flow conditions
3. Kinematics of fluids
4. Dynamics of viscous fluids, rheology, and parallel flows
5. Conservation laws
6. Potential flow
7. Vorticity, vortex dynamics, and rotating flows
8. Quasi-parallel flows – lubrication approximation
9. Flows at low Reynolds number
10. Coupled transport
Laminar boundary layers
11. Hydrodynamic instabilities
12. Turbulence



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