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The diversity of methodologies and applications in the literature for the performance modeling and analysis of ATM networks, widely considered as the new generation of high-speed communication systems, attests to the breadth and richness of recent ATM research and developments. Performance Evaluation and Applications of ATM Networks contains seventeen tutorial papers by eminent researchers and practitioners in the ATM field worldwide. It offers a fundamental source of reference, reflecting essential state-of-the-art material for further research and development in the performance evaluation and applications field of ATM networks. This book discusses ATM Traffic Modelling and Characterization; ATM Traffic Management and Control ATM Routing and Network Resilience; IP/ATM Networks Integration; ATM Special Topics: Optical, Wireless and Satellite Networks; Analytical Techniques for ATM Networks. Performance Evaluation and Applications of ATM Networks maintain throughout an effective balance between descriptive and quantitative approaches for the presentation of important ATM mechanisms and performance evaluation techniques. It unifies ATM performance modeling material already known and introduces readers to some unfamiliar and unexplored ATM performance evaluation and applied research areas. Performance Evaluation and Applications of ATM Networks is ideal for personnel in computer/communication industries as well as academic researchers in computer science and electrical engineering.

Table of contents :

Preliminaries……Page 1
Contents……Page 8
1. Stochastic Source Models and Applications to ATM……Page 22
2. Fractals and Chaos for Modelling Multimedia ATM Traffic……Page 50
3. Adaptive Statistical Multiplexing for Broadband Communication……Page 70
4. Traffic Management in ATM Networks: An Overview……Page 102
5. A Comparative Performance Analysis of Call Admission Control Schemes in ATM Networks……Page 132
6. Traffic Control in ATM Networks: A Review, an Engineer’s Critical View and a Novel Approach……Page 160
7. Video over ATM Networks……Page 192
8. Optimal Resource Management in ATM Networks based on Virtual Path Bandwidth Control……Page 220
9. ATM Multicast Routing……Page 248
10. Embedding Resilience in Core ATM Networks……Page 268
11. IP Switching over ATM Networks……Page 290
12. An Approach for Traffic Management over G.983 ATM-based Passive Optical Networks……Page 306
13. Wireless ATM: An Introduction and Performance Issues……Page 328
14. Satellite ATM Networks……Page 352
15. Performance Modeling and Network Management for Self-Similar Traffic……Page 374
16. Discrete-Time ATM Queues with Independent and Correlated Arrival Streams……Page 406
17. An Information Theoretic Methodology for QNMs of ATM Switch Architecture……Page 432
Index……Page 468


Performance Evaluation and Applications of ATM Networks (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) PDF

Author(s): Demetres D. Kouvatsos

Year: 2000

ISBN: 0792378512,9780792378518


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