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[PDF] Thermodynamics: Concepts and Applications

    Book Name: [PDF] Thermodynamics: Concepts and Applications
    Category: Thermodynamics
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    Thermodynamics: Concepts and Applications

    Thermodynamics: Concepts and Applications Free PDF Book Download

    Book Description:

    Fully revised to match the more traditional sequence of course materials, this full-color second edition presents the basic principles and methods of thermodynamics using a clear and engaging style and a wealth of end-of-chapter problems. It includes five new chapters on topics such as mixtures, psychrometry, chemical equilibrium, and combustion, and discussion of the Second Law of Thermodynamics has been expanded and divided into two chapters, allowing instructors to introduce the topic using either the cycle analysis in Chapter 6 or the definition of entropy in Chapter 7. Online ancillaries including a password-protected solutions manual, figures in electronic format, prepared PowerPoint lecture slides, and instructional videos are available.

    Thermodynamics: Concepts and Applications PDF

    Author(s): Stephen R. Turns, Laura L. Pauley

    Publisher: Cambridge University Press

    Year: 2020

    ISBN: 1107179718





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