Book Name: [PDF] Physical Principles of Solid State Devices
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Physical Principles of Solid State Devices

Physical Principles of Solid State Devices

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In recent years, crystallographic techniques have found application in a wide range of subjects, and these applications in turn have lead to exciting developments in the field of crystallography itself. This new textbook offers an introduction to these developments, and for the first time provides, in a single volume, a comprehensive and accessible overview of modern crystallography. The text offers a rigorous treatment of theory and describes experimental applications in many fields. These are covered in chapters on crystal structure and methods of its determination, symmetry, crystallographic computing, X-ray diffraction, protein crystallography, and crystal physics General points of view on electrical properties of materials — The wave nature of particles — Electron states in crystalline solids — Charge carrier densities — Charge carrier dynamics — Bulk and surface effects–simple junctions — Bipolar and field-effect transistors — Electric polarization phenomena and dielectric properties — Magnetic fields and “nonmagnetic” materials — Magnetic order in technical magnetic materials

Physical Principles of Solid State Devices PDF

Author(s): Roger A Holmes

Series: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston series in electrical engineering, electronics, and systems

Publisher: Holt, Year: 1970

ISBN: 0030831431,9780030831430



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