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This definitive, annotated translation of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations shows how the sixteenth Roman ruler thought.

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Marcus Aurelius Antoninus was the sixteenth emperor of Rome (from 121 to 180 CE). He was also by far the most powerful person in the world at the time. But he was also very private, had a rich inner life, and was one of the smartest people of his time. He wrote down his ideas in little books, which are now known as his Meditations. Even though the work was never meant to be published, it has become one of the most important Stoic works ever written. The comments range from one-line aphorisms to long essays, from profound to bitter. The language is often very emotional.

With a lot of notes from world-famous classics expert Robin Waterfield, this annotated edition is the best way to read this classic and much-loved book. It helps new readers understand one of the most important works of popular philosophy and deepens the understanding of even the most dedicated Stoics.


Meditations: The Annotated Edition

Author(s): Marcus Aurelius, Robin Waterfield (editor)

Publisher: Basic Books, Year: 2021

ISBN: 9781541675605


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