Book Name: [PDF] Mechatronic Hands Prosthetic and Robotic Design by Paul H. Chappell
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Mechatronic Hands: Prosthetic and Robotic Design Free PDF Book

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Mechatronic Hands Prosthetic and Robotic Design by Paul H. Chappell

Mechatronic Hands Prosthetic and Robotic Design by Paul H. Chappell PDF Free Download.

Mechatronic Hands Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mechanisms
  • Sensors
  • Control
  •  Hand assessment
  • Future directions

Preface to Mechatronic Hands Prosthetic and Robotic Design PDF

The motivation for writing this book is to gather together the accumulated knowledge about artificial hands that have been gained at Southampton over several decades. This research was started by the late Professor James (Jim) M. Nightingale in the 1960s.

He once said to me that we (he) had not published much about artificial hands for the disabled. Hopefully, this book will to some extent correct this omission.

I have often been asked by undergraduate and postgraduate students about the design of artificial hands. They will now be able to consult this book and gain an insight into the range of technologies that are needed in the construction of a working hand.

Mechanical components obviously form the structure of any hand while there are some lesser-known ideas that need to be explored such as how to process a slip signal.

In 1952, at an international conference attended by 2000 surgeons, held in Madrid, there was concern that an artificial device should be easy to use.

In the report by Time Magazine, engineers were studying the use of sensors, albeit six simple pressure switches attached to the stump of an amputee.

A photograph from this Time Magazine article shows a person fitted with an artificial arm. It appears in one of the 46 color screenprints called ‘Bunk’ made by Sir Eduardo Paolopzzi in 1972 which is how I came across the photograph in the National Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

It is probably still true that better sensors with good characteristics such as low power consumption and small size are needed to realize the aim of making a user-friendly device.

This aspect is even more prevalent with modern hands that have multiple actuators and degrees of freedom.

The latest commercial design claims 36 different types of grip. The selection and coordination of these grips need careful consideration and the assistance of an electronic digital system.

Also, the use of position sensors, to measure the position of each finger and thumb, can be used in an electronic controller to avoid mechanical interference between them and the accidental clashing and locking of fingers and thumb.

A degree in the physical sciences will aid in an understanding of the analytical parts of the book or more specifically an engineering degree; mechanical, electrical, or electronic.

The subject areas of control theory, circuit theory, electronics, mechanics, materials, and basic mathematics are needed.

The desire to make an artificial hand anthropomorphic with natural movements and connected directly into the nervous system requires a study of human anatomy and physiology; bones of the hand wrist and elbow, their joints and muscles, and the nervous system.

The book is intended to illustrate the technical design characteristics of the main components that go into forming an artificial hand whether it is a simple design that does not have a natural appearance or a more complicated design where there are multiple movements of the fingers and thumb.

It could be used as an undergraduate text for final year or Master of Science degrees in a medical engineering or robotics course.


Mechatronic Hands: Prosthetic and Robotic Design PDF

Author(s): Chappell, Paul Hammond

Series: Iet Control, Robotics and Sensors

Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Year: 2016

ISBN: 1785611542


Download Mechatronic Hands Prosthetic and Robotic Design by Paul H. Chappell PDF Free

Mechatronic Hands: Prosthetic and Robotic Design Free PDF Book


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