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Functional Programming in Python by David Mertz free pdf book

About the book

Python is not a functional programming language but a multi-paradigm language that makes it easy to do functional programming and mix it with other kinds of programming. In this study, David Mertz, who is a director of the Python Software Foundation, looks at how the language works and tells you which solutions work well and which ones you should usually avoid.

Mertz talks about how to avoid Python’s imperative-style flow control, how to use iterators in a lazy way, and how to use higher-order functions. He also gives a list of some third-party Python tools that can help with functional programming.

Some topics are:

Using encapsulation and other methods to explain “what” a data collection is made of instead of “how” to build one.
Using named functions, lambdas, closures, class methods, and multiple dispatch to make callables
The same thing can be done with Python’s iterator technique as with a lazy data structure.
Creating higher-order functions that take other functions as input and/or return another function

Who Wrote What?

David Mertz works at Continuum Analytics, Inc. as a Senior Software Engineer and Senior Trainer. David is a well-known author and speaker in the Python community. He wrote the long-running articles Charming Python and XML Matters for IBM developerWorks and the Addison-Wesley book Text Processing in Python. He has also spoken at OSCon, PyCon, and given the main speech at PyCon India. David Mertz, being a sort of Foucauldian Berkeley, believes, esse est denunte. You can contact David at [email protected] and read about his life at

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