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Design and Analysis of Tall and Complex Structures pdf

Book Description:

The design of tall buildings and complex structures involves challenging activities, including scheme design, modeling, structural analysis, and detailed design. This book provides structural designers with a systematic approach to anticipate and solve issues for tall buildings and complex structures.

This book begins with a clear and rigorous exposition of theories behind designing tall buildings. After this is an explanation of basic issues encountered in the design process, this is followed by chapters concerning the design and analysis of tall buildings with different lateral stability systems, such as MRF, shear wall, core, outrigger, bracing, tube system, diagrid system, and mega frame. The final three chapters explain the design principles and analysis methods for complex and unique structures. With this book, researchers and designers will find valuable references on topics such as tall building systems, structures with complex geometry, Tensegrity structures, membrane structures, and offshore structures.

Key Features

Numerous worked-through examples of existing prestigious projects around the world (such as Jeddah Tower, Shanghai Tower, and Petronas Tower, etc.) are provided to assist the reader’s understanding of the topic.
Provides the latest modeling methods in design, such as BIM and Parametric Modelling technique
Detailed explanations of widely used programs in current design practice, such as SAP2000, ETABS, ANSYS, and Rhino
Modeling case studies for all types of tall buildings and complex structures, such as Buttressed Core systems, diagrid systems, Tube systems, Tensile structures, offshore structures, etc.


Design and Analysis of Tall and Complex Structures

Author(s): Feng Fu

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann, Year: 2018

ISBN: 0081010184, 9780081010181


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