Book Name: [PDF] Cultivated Building Materials
Author: Dirk E. Hebel, Felix Heisel
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Language: English
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The 21st century faces a radical change in how we produce construction materials – a shift towards cultivating, breeding, raising, farming, or growing future resources.

This book presents innovative industrialized production methods for cultivated building materials, like cement grown by bacteria, bricks made of mushroom mycelium, or bamboo fibers as reinforcement for concrete.

Spanning from scientific research to product development and architectural application, this book builds a bridge between the academic and the professional world of architecture.

The book describes the challenges, strategies, and goals in the first part, followed by a second part on bamboo, A cultivated building material, and several examples in the third part, which form the bridge from cultivated materials to building products.

Table of contents :

Challenges, Strategies, and Goals
Introduction: Cultivated Building Materials
Production Back to The City
The Ape of Materials
The Industrialization of Timber – A Case Study
Standardization of a Natural Resource
Bamboo, a Cultivated Building Material
Constructing with Engineered Bamboo
Upscaling The Bamboo Industry
The Ecological Impact of Industrially Cultivated Bamboo
Engineered Bamboo Products – A Sustainable Choice?
From Cultivated Materials to Building Products
Soil-Dependent Products. Agriculture
Wood Foam
Biopolymers: Cement Replacement
Biopolymers and Biocomposites Based on Agricultural Residues
Lignin-based Carbon Fibres
Nutrient-Dependent, Soil-Independent Products. Biotechnology
Fungal Mycelium Bio-Materials
Limestone-producing Bacteria: Self-healing Concrete
Microbially Induced Calcium Carbonate: Multilayer/Multimaterial Coatings on Non-conductive Materials
Bio-Inspired Products. Biomimicry
Replicating Natural Design Strategies In Bio-Inspired Composites
Living Architecture (Liar): Metabolically Engineered Building Units
About the Authors and Contributors
Illustration Credits
Index of Persons, Firms, and Institutions
Index of Projects, Buildings, and Places


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Publisher: Birkhäuser, Year: 2017

ISBN: 3035611068,9783035611069


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