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Parson’s Disease of Eye 22nd Edition

Title :           Parson’s Disease of Eye

Editor :          Ramanjit Sihota, Radhika Tandon

Edition :        22nd

Publisher :     ELSEVIER

Length :         641 pages

Size :              48 MB


A trusted textbook for undergraduate college students for greater than 100 years, which additionally caters to the fundamental wants of postgraduate college students and practitioners.

The ebook was first revealed in 1907, and on account of its clear and pleasant presentation model in addition to its authoritative protection of ocular issues, it rapidly turned a elementary textual content for college kids. Since then the ebook has maintained its recognition with college students by means of common revisions and updates.

The 19th version of this ebook was particularly tailored to the context of Indian subcontinent with a particular point out in regards to the infections that happen predominantly on this area. The 22nd version continues this development by presenting unparalleled steerage on practically each ophthalmic situation and process, together with the newest advances within the subject, making the ebook extra complete and modern.

• Inclusion of Necessary Factors to Bear in mind on the finish of the ebook
• Addition of latest medical pictures, flowcharts, and tables to facilitate fast studying
• Extensively revised and up to date version
• Reader-friendly model with info highlighted in factors, movement charts and tables
• Info offered to assist put together for PG entrance and different aggressive examinations

Table of Contents

Section I Anatomy and Physiology

1. Embryology and Anatomy

2. Physiology of the Eye

3. The Physiology of Vision

4. The Neurology of Vision

Section II Ophthalmic Optics and Refraction

5. Elementary Optics

6. Elementary Physiological Optics

7. Refraction

8. Refractive Errors of the Eye

Section III Ocular Examination Techniques and Ocular Therapeutics

9. Ocular Symptomatology

10. Assessment of Visual Function

11. Examination of the Anterior Segment

12. Examination of the Posterior Segment and Orbit

13. Ocular Therapeutics

Section IV Diseases of the Eye

14. Diseases of the Conjunctiva

15. Diseases of the Cornea

16. Diseases of the Sclera

17. Diseases of the Uveal Tract

18. The Lens

19. The Glaucomas

20. Diseases of the Retina

21. Diseases of the Vitreous

22. Diseases of the Optic Nerve

23. Intraocular Tumours

24. Injuries to the Eye

Section V Disorders of Motility

25. Anatomy and Physiology of the Motor Mechanism

26. Comitant Strabismus

27. Incomitant Strabismus

Section VI Diseases of the Adnexa

28. Diseases of the Lids

29. Diseases of the Lacrimal Apparatus

30. Diseases of the Orbit

Section VII Systemic Ophthalmology

31. Diseases of the Nervous System with Ocular Manifestations

32. Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disorders

Section VIII Preventive Ophthalmology

33. Genetics in Ophthalmology

34. The Causes and Prevention of Blindness

Section IX Surgical Instruments in Ophthalmology

35. Surgical Instruments in Ophthalmology


Parson’s Disease of Eye 22th edition







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