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[PDF] Organic Chemistry

    Book Name: [PDF] Organic Chemistry
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    Organic Chemistry Book Pdf Free Download

    Organic Chemistry By Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves and Stuart Warren

    Organic Chemistry (Second Edition) is book for chemical and bachelor science students in chemistry branch by Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves and Stuart Warren.

    Organic Chemistry is a textbook that helps students in gaining a logical understanding of important concepts. It provides explanations on a vast variety of topics such as organic structure, structure of molecules, elimination reactions, stereochemistry, conformational analysis, etc.

    The book also explains various reactions and compounds to students. It makes use of clear diagrams of chemical structures in order to facilitate easier understanding. Each concept is explained with sufficient evidence, and reveals why certain compounds have certain reactions and how these reactions occur.

    Organic Chemistry helps students dispel any misconceptions that they may have about the subject, and also provides tips on how to avoid common mistakes. It explains the principles of the subject in a student-friendly manner. This second edition provides students numerous online resources for further study and reference.

    Questions and problems for each chapter helps students in practically applying what they had already learnt in theory. The chapters also contain boxes and margin notes which highlight key points about a particular concept. This paperback version was published by Oxford University Press in 2012.

    Key Features:

    • The book contains updated material missing from the previous edition.
    • The chapters have been rewritten and revised, with more emphasis on sound understating.
    • This edition has cut down on clutter and taken out unnecessary details.


    The Companion Website (, available to all adopters of the text, includes:
    – 3D Organic Animations: Link to chemtube3d to view interactive 3D animations developed by the author
    – Additional Chapters: Four chapters from the first edition that do not appear in the second
    – Errata: Corrections to the book since publication
    – End-of-Chapter Questions: A range of problems to accompany each chapter
    – Figures in PowerPoint: Figures pre-inserted into PowerPoint for use in lectures and handouts
    – Problems: Problems to accompany each chapter from the new edition of Organic Chemistry will be posted in the student area of the book’s Companion Website throughout the year (April, June, and December 2012)


    Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry

    The solutions manual to accompany Organic Chemistry provides fully explained solutions to all the problems that are featured in the second edition of Organic Chemistry.

    – Detailed worked solutions to all of the problems in the text
    – Brief explanations describing the purpose of each problem and the rationale behind the solutions
    – Helpful notes in the margin highlighting important principles and directing students to further information in the chemical literature

    Intended for students and instructors alike, the manual provides helpful comments and friendly advice to aid understanding, and is an invaluable resource wherever Organic Chemistry is used for teaching and learning.




    Organic chemistry

    Author(s): Jonathan Clayden; Nick Greeves; Stuart G Warren

    Publisher: Oxford University Press, Year: 2012

    ISBN: 978-0-19-927029-3


    [PDF] Organic Chemistry Table Of Contents

    Content: 1. What is organic chemistry? ; 2. Organic structures ; 3. Determining organic structures ; 4. Structure of molecules ; 5. Organic reactions ; 6. Nucleophilic addition to the carbonyl group ; 7. Delocalization and conjugation ; 8. Acidity, basicity, and pKa ; 9. Using organometallic reagents to make C-C bonds ; 10. Nucleophilic substitution at the carbonyl group ; 11. Nucleophilic substitution at C=O with loss of carbonyl oxygen ; 12. Equilibria, rates and mechanisms ; 13. 1H NMR: Proton nuclear magnetic resonance ; 14. Stereochemistry ; 15. Nucleophilic substitution at saturated carbon ; 16. Conformational analysis ; 17. Elimination reactions ; 18. Review of spectroscopic methods ; 19. Electrophilic addition to alkenes ; 20. Formation and reactions of enols and enolates ; 21. Electrophilic aromatic substitution ; 22. Conjugate addition and nucleophilic aromatic substitution ; 23. Chemoselectivity and protecting groups ; 24. Regioselectivity ; 25. Alkylation of enolates ; 26. Reactions of enolates with carbonyl compounds: the aldol and Claisen reactions ; 27. Sulfur, silicon and phosphorus in organic chemistry ; 28. Retrosynthetic analysis ; 29. Aromatic heterocycles 1: structures and reactions ; 30. Aromatic heterocycles 2: synthesis ; 31. Saturated heterocycles and stereoelectronics ; 32. Stereoselectivity in cyclic molecules ; 33. Diastereoselectivity ; 34. Pericyclic reactions 1: cycloadditions ; 35. Pericyclic reactions 2: sigmatropic and electrocyclic reactions ; 36. Participation, rearrangement and fragmentation ; 37. Radical reactions ; 38. Synthesis and reactions of carbenes ; 39. Determining reaction mechanisms ; 40. Organometallic chemistry ; 41. Asymmetric synthesis ; 42. Organic chemistry of life ; 43. Organic chemistry today


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