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This book presents the study to design, develop, and implement improved PI control techniques using dead-time compensation, structure enhancements, learning functions, and fractional ordering parameters. Two fractional-order PI controllers are proposed and designed: a fractional-order predictive PI and a hybrid iterative learning-based fractional-order predictive PI controller. Furthermore, the proposed fractional-order control strategies and filters are simulated over first- and second-order benchmark process models and further validated using the real-time experimentation of the pilot pressure process plant.
In this book, five chapters are structured with a proper sequential flow of details to provide a better understanding for the readers. A general introduction to the controllers, filters, and optimization techniques is presented in Chapter 1. Reviews of the PI controller family and their modifications are shown in the initial part of Chapter 2, followed by the development of the proposed fractional-order predictive PI (FOPPI) controller with dead-time compensation ability. The first section of Chapter 3 provides an overview of the PI-based iterative learning controllers and their modified structures. Then, the design of the proposed hybrid iterative learning controller-based fractional-order predictive PI controller based on the current cyclic feedback structure is presented. Lastly, the results and discussion of the proposed controller on benchmark process models and the real-time experimentation of the pilot pressure process plant are given. Chapter 4 presents the proposed filtering techniques’ development and performance compared with conventional methods. Chapter 5 proposes the improvement of the existing sine-cosine algorithm (SCA) and arithmetic optimization algorithm (AOA) to form a novel arithmetic-trigonometric optimization algorithm (ATOA) to accelerate the rate of convergence in lesser iterations with mitigation against getting caught in the same local position. The performance analysis of the optimization algorithm will be carried out on benchmark test functions and the real-time pressure process plant.

Optimal Fractional-order Predictive PI Controllers: For Process Control Applications with Additional Filtering

Author(s): Arun Mozhi Devan Panneer Selvam, Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, Rosdiazli Ibrahim, Kishore Bingi, Nagarajapandian M.

Series: Studies in Infrastructure and Control

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2022

ISBN: 9811965161,9789811965166


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