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Open Source Development with CVS 

This book is definitely a must-have for all CVS users. Highly recommended.

The popular first edition was one of the first books available on the development and implementation of open source software using CVS. Examining how CVS affects the architecture and design of applications, this third edition has been enhanced with more value-added material covering strategies, third-party tools, scalability, client access limits, and overall server administration for CVS.

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Book Description:

The need for a modern source code management strategy in the distributed open source community is paramount. The open source maintainers’ model of benevolent dictatorship is only roughly stable, but it’s much better than the other extreme: the chaos of democratic code development. which introduces supervised code incorporated into source code management. CVS is perfectly suited for global open source development, and the world is ready for monographs on management issues that Per Cederqvist explicitly avoids in his excellent 164-page postscript. distributed with the CVS repository. What is the maintainer/manager’s role in establishing test protocols for code consolidation? What minimum level of functional communication with developers is required for the merge to remain stable? Is a maintainer-free version possible? These questions remained largely unanswered in Karl Fogel’s new Open Source development with CVS. Fogel’s 300-page book includes chapters that alternate between CVS basics and general code maintenance issues. It includes some anecdotes from the open source tradition and a lot of general, non-specific guidance on team software development. Fogel is at his best as he engages us in thinking about what should and shouldn’t be within CVS’s control. He points out that complex relationships exist between code development and its dependencies on interlocking applications, such as the build tools themselves (GCC, Autoconf) or the client applications themselves. (e.g. server client or server client). His brief discussion of strategies is too short to please. Disappointingly, this book is filled with postmodern indulgences, such as its proud homage to technological ignorance. There is a lack of discipline required for good maintainers; Fogel’s informal prose is often scathing, and his prolific remarks are either amusing or frightening (certainly); one wonders where his publisher is. In the end, his management arguments end up corroborating the benevolent dictatorship model – a safe conclusion, but one that doesn’t seem to use CVS’s generalizability for all values. it. When asked how to manage a project, he replied, “Well, actually we’re all still trying to figure that out. It’s true, and he’s not quite there yet, but at least he got the questions right.

Open Source Development with CVS PDF

Author(s): Moshe Bar

Publisher: Paraglyph Press, Year: 2003

ISBN: 9781932111811,1932111816




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