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One Indian Girl is the seventh fictional novel and the ninth book overall by the Indian author Chetan Bhagat, published in 2016.

Review I liked this book because it makes an honest attempt to look at things from women’s perspective. It is also different in that it describes an atypical Indian girl , and I can almost understand where the characters come from. It does not end in an unexpected way, but yet it ends in a good way. I really enjoyed reading this book. I appreciate that it talks about self respect despite our cultural and ethnic backgrounds. –By A Customer on October 15, 2016 While Chetan Bhagat is so known for clear and simple articulation, with hilarious analogies, he has taken this up a notch from his standard. The inner feelings of a woman – uncoated, plain and not blanched by attribution errors, as the inner ‘mini-me’ of the main character is Extremely accurate. –By Padma Venkatrangan on October 5, 2016 Good simple writing that i love, enjoyed the feminism take and could identify with so much! Glad it didn’t have a filmy ending lol –By A&P on October 18, 2016.

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