Book Name: On the Front Lines of the Cold War
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On the Front Lines of the Cold War


On the Front Lines of the Cold War an American

Correspondent’s Journal from the Chinese language Civil War to the Cuban Missile Disaster

and Vietnam | PDF Free Download.

On the Front Lines Contents

  1. Peking: Overlaying the Civil War 
  2. Yenan: At Mao Zedong’s Headquarters
  3.  Battle for Manchuria 
  4.  Fall of Manchuria 
  5. Nanking 
  6. Battle of the Huai-Hai 
  7. The Jesuits
  8. Crossing of the Yangtze 
  9. The Fall of Nanking
  10. Communist Occupation 
  11. Huang Hua and J. Leighton Stuart 
  12. The Purge of My China Deputies 
  13. The Final Battle: Hainan Island 
  14. Saigon 
  15. The China Frontier 
  16. Burma: The CIA Operation 
  17.  The Kennedy Brothers in Saigon 
  18. Hanoi |
  19. On the Diplomatic Beat and the Korean War 
  20. Geneva Accords: Partition of Vietnam 
  21. Berlin: Cold War 
  22. Moscow: The Sino-Soviet Break up and the Cuban Missile Disaster | 196
  23. An Night with Fidel Castro 
  24. President Kennedy
  25. Operation Rolling Thunder
  26. Smallbridge: Mission to Hanoi 
  27. Cambodia
  28. Sihanouk Besieged 
  29. The B-52 Bombings 
  30. The Indonesian Holocaust and the Downfall of Sukarno 
  31. China Watching: The Cultural Revolution |
  32. Overseas Editor 
  33. The Pentagon Papers  
  34. Maoist Purge of the Social gathering and Authorities 
  35. Zhou Enlai and the Future of Taiwan 
  36. Battle of the Pentagon Papers 
  37. The Trial 
  38. Fall of Indochina: America in Retreat

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