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Numerical Simulation of Mechatronic Sensors and Actuators

    Book Name: Numerical Simulation of Mechatronic Sensors and Actuators
    Category: Mechatronic Book
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    Free PDF Download Numerical Simulation of Mechatronic Sensors and Actuators 

    Numerical Simulation of Mechatronic Sensors and Actuators pdf

    Book Description:

    Like the previous editions, the third edition of this book combines the detailed physical modeling of mechatronic systems with their precise numerical simulation using the Finite Element (FE) method. Thereby, the basic chapter concerning the Finite Element (FE) method is enhanced; it now also describes higher-order finite elements (both for nodal and edge finite elements) and a detailed discussion of non-conforming mesh techniques. The author enhances and improves many discussions on principles and methods. In particular, more emphasis is put on the description of single fields by adding the flow field. Corresponding to these fields, the book is augmented with a new chapter about coupled flow-structural mechanical systems. The discussion of computational aeroacoustics is extended to perturbation approaches, which allow the decomposition of flow and acoustic quantities within the flow region. Last but not least, applications are updated and restructured so that the book meets modern demands.

    Table of contents :

    Front Matter….Pages I-XVIII
    Introduction….Pages 1-6
    The Finite Element (FE) Method….Pages 7-49
    Mechanical Field….Pages 51-92
    Electromagnetic Field….Pages 93-137
    Acoustic Field….Pages 139-194
    Coupled Electrostatic-Mechanical Systems….Pages 195-206
    Coupled Magnetomechanical Systems….Pages 207-227
    Coupled Mechanical-Acoustic Systems….Pages 229-241
    Piezoelectric Systems….Pages 243-266
    Computational Aeroacoustics….Pages 267-282
    Algebraic Solvers….Pages 283-311
    Industrial Applications….Pages 313-380
    Back Matter….Pages 381-428

    Numerical Simulation of Mechatronic Sensors and Actuators: Finite Elements for Computational Multiphysics PDF

    Author(s): Manfred Kaltenbacher (auth.)

    Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Year: 2015

    ISBN: 978-3-642-40169-5


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