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Noise of Polyphase Electric Motors A Collection of Reference Books and Textbooks by Jacek F.Gieras and Marlin O.Thurston 

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It has been estimated that electrical motors consume more than 65% of {the electrical} power produced in developed nations. Electrical motors are the preferred machines of on a regular basis life. They’re used both as energy machines offering propulsion torque or servo motors working in a closed loop management with velocity or place suggestions. Electric motors are embedded in bigger programs as their integral half. The noise radiated by electrical motors immensely impacts the general noise of the system.

Up to date electrical motors are designed with greater magnetic flux density within the air hole than motors manufactured a half century in the past. Increased magnetic flux density within the air hole produces greater radial magnetic forces appearing on the stator system and, consequently, greater vibration and acoustic noise. With the elevated energy density of electrical motors and extra demanding environmental necessities, the prediction of noise on the early stage of design of electrical motors has grow to be a vital challenge.

Not solely electromagnetic, thermal, and financial calculations, but additionally the extent of noise and vibration should be thought-about, in order that the general efficiency could be optimized/balanced and particular necessities could be included within the design to keep away from massive retrofit bills. Nevertheless, prediction of noise is harder and much less correct than, for instance, torque–velocity traits. It’s because solely a really small fraction of electrical power is transformed into acoustic power and appropriate estimation of some mechanical and acoustic parameters could be very tough.

The primary e-book [119] on calculation of noise in electrical motors was printed by Jordan in 1950. Particulars of harmonic area evaluation together with harmonic torques, noise, and vibration in induction motors are given within the e-book [87] by Heller and Hamata printed in 1977. Evaluation of noise in induction machines with emphasis on its discount is given in monograph [248] by Yang, which was printed in 1981. Essentially the most complete evaluation of noise and vibration in electrical machines is contained within the e-book [200] by Timar, Fazekas, Kiss, Miklas, and Yang printed in 1989.

Additionally it is obligatory to say two books on noise and vibration in induction machines printed by Russian researchers: Shubov in 1974 [187] and Astakhov, Malishev, and Ovcharenko in 1985 [10], and a e-book printed by Polish researcher Kwasnicki in 1998 [127]. There isn’t a e-book printed up to now on noise and vibration of everlasting magnet (PM) synchronous  motors. The demand on these motors is these days in second place, after the demand on induction motors. As most books on noise and vibration evaluation in electrical machines had been printed over 20 years in the past, current advances in vibro-acoustic theories and applied sciences are solely accessible in realized journals and haven’t been captured in a single monograph.

These advances embrace the event and utility of numerical strategies of noise computation such because the finite factor technique (FEM), boundary factor technique (BEM), and statistical power evaluation (SEA) [43, 230] to the prediction of noise in electrical machines. With the rise within the significance of noise evaluation and synthesis within the trendy strategy to the design of electrical motors, the authors have made an try to arrange a contemporary monograph on noise calculation in induction and PM synchronous motors addressing electromagnetic, mechanical, and vibro-acoustic points.


Noise of polyphase electric motors PDF 

Author(s): Jacek F. Gieras, Chong Wang, Joseph Cho Lai

Series: Electrical and computer engineering 129

Publisher: CRC/Taylor & Francis, Year: 2006

ISBN: 0824723813,9780824723811


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