Book Name: Next-Generation Firewalls For Dummies
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Next-Generation Firewalls For Dummies

Next-Generation Firewalls For Dummies pdf

Table of contents :

Title Page
Copyright Page
About This Book
Foolish Assumptions
Icons Used in This Book
Beyond the Book
Chapter 1 Security Needs to Be Simple
Why Is Security So Complicated?
Data Compromise Is a Problem
Go Fast and Manage Risk
Trust Makes You Vulnerable
Chapter 2 Defining the Threat Landscape
Applications Are Not All Good or All Bad
Applications: “I’m Not a Number!”
Threats Are Coming Along for the Ride
Chapter 3 Recognizing the Challenges of Legacy Security Infrastructures
What Ever Happened to the Firewall?
Traditional IPSs Are a Poor Match for Today’s Threats
UTM Only Makes What Is Broken Cheaper
It’s Time for a Truly Integrated Approach
Chapter 4 Solving the Problem with Next-Generation Firewalls
The Next-Generation Firewall
What a Next-Generation Firewall Isn’t
Benefits of Next-Generation Firewalls
Chapter 5 Deploying Next-Generation Firewalls
Defining Your Requirements and Developing a Request for Proposal
Safe Enablement through Smart Policies
Data Centers Are Highly Dynamic and Workloads Are Everywhere
Addressing Mobile and Remote Users and Branch Locations
Adopting Best Practices to Maximize Security Effectiveness
Chapter 6 Ten Things Your Firewall Must Do
Identify Users and Enable Appropriate Access
Prevent Credential Theft and Abuse
Safely Enable All Applications and Control Functions
Secure Encrypted Traffic
Stop Advanced Threats to Prevent Successful Cyberattacks
Protect Your Growing Mobile Workforce
Extend Security to Your Evolving Cloud Environments
Centralize Management and Integrate Security Capabilities
Automate Routine Tasks and Focus on the Threats That Matter
Consume New Security Innovations Easily


Next-Generation Firewalls For Dummies

Author(s): Lawrence Miller

Series: Palo Alto Networks Limited Edition

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc, Year: 2019

ISBN: 9781119624011




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