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This book has a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, meaning anyone can read it. It can be read for free at Oxford Scholarship Online and downloaded as a PDF from OUP and other open access sites.

Is social media destroying democracy? Are Russian propaganda or “fake news” businesses on Facebook making us feel like we don’t live in the same world? Since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, it has become common knowledge that new technologies and the way foreign actors used them to help him win played a big part in his victory and are to blame for the feeling that we live in a “post-truth” time where fake news and propaganda thrive.

The most in-depth study ever done on how the media covered American presidential politics from April 2015, when the election cycle started, to January 20, 2018, when Trump’s first year in office was over, was done for Network Propaganda. By looking at millions of news stories, Twitter and Facebook shares, TV broadcasts, and YouTube, the book gives a complete picture of the structure of political communication in the United States today. The book finds that the right-wing media ecosystem works fundamentally differently than the rest of the media environment. It does this by looking at data and doing detailed qualitative case studies of how immigration, Clinton scandals, and the Trump Russia investigation were covered.

The authors say that since the 1970s, changes in technology and long-standing institutional, political, and cultural patterns in American politics have created a propaganda feedback loop in American conservative media. This has made the center-right media and politicians less important, radicalised the right-wing ecosystem, and made it vulnerable to propaganda from inside and outside the country. For people who don’t live in the United States, the book gives them a new way to look at the causes and possible solutions for what is seen as a global crisis in democratic politics.


Table of contents :

Cover……Page 1
Network Propaganda……Page 4
Copyright……Page 5
Contents……Page 6
Acknowledgments……Page 8
Part One: Mapping Disorder……Page 12
1. Epistemic Crisis……Page 14
2. The Architecture of Our Discontent……Page 56
3. The Propaganda Feedback Loop……Page 86
Part Two: Dynamics of Network Propaganda……Page 112
4. Immigration and Islamophobia: Breitbart and the Trump Party……Page 116
5. The Fox Diet……Page 156
6. Mainstream Media Failure Modes and Self-​Healing in a
Propaganda-​Rich Environment……Page 200
Part Three: The Usual Suspects……Page 234
7. The Propaganda Pipeline: Hacking the Core from the Periphery……Page 236
8. Are the Russians Coming?……Page 246
9. Mammon’s Algorithm: Marketing, Manipulation, and Clickbait
on Facebook……Page 280
Part Four: Can Democracy Survive the Internet?……Page 300
10. Polarization in American Politics……Page 306
11. The Origins of Asymmetry……Page 322
12. Can the Internet Survive Democracy?……Page 352
13. What Can Men Do Against Such Reckless Hate?……Page 362
14. Conclusion……Page 392
Notes……Page 400
Index……Page 454


Download Network propaganda: manipulation, disinformation, and radicalization in American politics PDF 

Author(s): BENKLER, Yochai; FARIS, Robert; ROBERTS, Hal

Publisher: Oxford University Press, Year: 2018

ISBN: 9780190923624


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