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Network Analysis and Synthesis: A Modern Systems Theory Approach book pdf free download

Network Analysis and Synthesis: A Modern Systems Theory Approach By Brian D. O. Anderson, Sumeth Vongpanitler

Geared toward upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, this book offers a comprehensive look at linear network analysis and synthesis. It explores state-space synthesis as well as analysis, employing modern systems theory to unite the classical concepts of network theory.

The authors stress passive networks but include material on active networks. They avoid topology in dealing with analysis problems and discuss computational techniques. The concepts of controllability, observability, and degree are emphasized in reviewing the state-variable description of linear systems. Explorations of positive real and bounded real functions and matrices include their applications to optimal control, filtering, and stability.

Excellent illustrations highlight this text, which represents the definitive tool for integrating an understanding of network theory with related fields such as control theory and communication systems theory.

Book Contents :

Signals and Systems
Signals and Waveforms
The Frequency Domain: Fourier Analysis
Differential Equations
Network Analysis: I. The Laplace Transform
Transform Methods in Network Analysis
Amplitude, Phase, and Delay
Network Analysis: II
Elements of Realizability Theory
Synthesis of One-Port Networks with Two Kinds of Elements
Elements of Transfer Function Synthesis
Topics in Filter Design
The Scattering Matrix
Computer Techniques in Circuit Analysis
Introduction to Matrix Algebra
Generalized Functions and the Unit Impulse
Elements of Complex Variables
Proofs of Some Theorems on Positive Real Functions
An Aid to the Improvement of Filter Approximation

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Network Analysis and Synthesis, A Modern Systems Theory Approach PDF

Author(s): Brian D.O. Anderson, Sumeth Vongpanitlerd



Year: 1973

ISBN: 0136110533





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