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H. Beam Piper was a 20th-century science fiction writer. He is best known for his Terro-Human Future History series and Paratime alternate history tales. The theme in many of Piper’s books is the past repeating itself and past events having a direct effect on the future. Naudsonce is a story of “first contact” from Piper’s Terrohuman Future History, where humans visit the world of a primitive race that has a mysterious way of communicating. An excerpt from the book reads, “Bishop Berkeley’s famous question about the sound of a falling tree may have no standing in science.” But there is a fascinating question about “sound” that science needs to consider.

Naudsonce PDF Book

Author(s): H. Beam Piper

Publisher: Book Jungle, Year: 2008

ISBN: 1438502303,9781438502304


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