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Muriel at Metropolitan is a novel by Miriam Tlali, a South African author and anti-apartheid activist. The book tells the story of Muriel, a young black woman living in Johannesburg during the height of apartheid.

Muriel works as a cleaner at the Metropolitan Hotel, where she witnesses the daily injustices and discrimination black South Africans face. Despite this, she remains determined to fight for her and her people’s rights.

As she navigates life under the oppressive regime, Muriel must also deal with personal struggles, including her relationship with her husband and her own feelings of isolation and frustration.

Through Muriel’s story, Tlali explores the complex and often painful reality of life in apartheid South Africa and the resilience and determination of those who fought for change.

Banned when it was first published in South Africa in 1975, “Muriel at Metropolitan” is set in a bustling furniture and electronics store catering to poor whites and blacks. It describes the daily experiences of Muriel, the accounts typist. Her relationship with her colleagues and her feelings about the stream of customers who come into the shop are depicted and illustrate life on the fringes of white society. Miriam Tlali draws on her experience working in Johannesburg to write this novel. She lives in Soweto and is now a professional writer. She has published a collection of short stories, “Mihloti,” and a second novel, “Amandla,” in South Africa.


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Author(s): Miriam Tlali

Publisher: Ravan Press, Year: 1975

ISBN: 0869750453


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